Bougainville Attains Land Powers

The Minister was there to hand over all powers and functions for Land Administration from the National Government to the Autonomous Bougainville Government.

He said service delivery in Bougainville’s land sector has now been made easier.

ABG President Ishmael Toroama and Minister Rosso, signed the drawdown instrument.

In his address, President Toroama expressed his gratitude to the National Government, saying it allows them to independently mange its own land affairs ‘the Bougainville way’.

Vaccine rollout for ARoB

Three health facilities have been selected within the three regions as rollout sites, they are; Buka General Hospital for Northern, Arawa District Hospital for Central Bougainville and Buin Health Centre in  Southern Bougainville.

Prior to the rollout, training sessions were completed in Northern, Central and Southern regions of Bougainville to equip healthcare workers with the skills to run the rollout process and administer the vaccines.

Bougainvilleans congratulated

Manning also commended the Bougainvilleans for their overwhelming desire to become an independent nation. He said whilst the process is still not over until its ratification by the National Parliament of PNG, the people of Bougainville have spoken.

Manning called on Papua New Guineans around the country to respect the wishes of the people of Bougainville to become an independent nation.

Tsunami evacuation response plan developed

This information is part of the Buka/Kokopao Tsunami Evacuation and Response Plan that has been reviewed by the Humanitarian Partners Coordination team in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville during their first meeting in Buka this week.

The plan was developed by the AROB Regional Disaster and Emergency Service Office with the support of UNDP.

UNDP Disaster Risk Project Manager Michael Sembanombo attended the meeting and said they hope to see this partnership grow as work continues to prepare people in Bougainville for all types of natural hazards that they face.

Kieta locals still waiting on payments due

This comes after they were promised by the then Central Bougainville MP that their funds would be reimbursed once the bridge was complete.

Maya Tunjio a local from the Kabaku area which is the site of the Kabaku bridge told Loop PNG that he had invested up to K111,000  from his own pocket .

He said the bridge was seen as a necessity because the villagers were finding it difficult to transport commodities like cocoa and other produce to the market for their livelihood.

AROB’s Year in Review

In a year in review statement he said the past year has been a challenging one for the Autonomous region. 

“The fact is that the ABG faces systemic constraints that impact on our capacity to deliver on key aspects of the Bougainville Peace Agreement. 

“While some of these challenges are of our own making, the reality is that the fiscal environment that we face means that our ability to reach fiscal self-reliance is significantly constrained,” said Nobetau.

He said despite these constraints, the Autonomous region of Bougainville Government has made some good gains.

AROB Celebrates 42nd Independence in Style

Celebrations started on Friday in Buka Town and continued to Saturday coinciding with the East New Britain Day where hundreds of Tolais who live and work in Bougainville and also those who got married to Bougainvilleans staged various cultural activities.

At the main Hutjena Oval in Buka Town where the twins Celebrations were held, there was excitement unity and peace as the Tolais and Bougainvilleans put on their cultural shows.

VIDEO: AROB Political Status Report

These weaknesses were identified through various reports compiled during his 7 month term, serving as the Minister for Bougainville Affairs.


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Central Bougainville polling delayed again

The region consists of four districts, Arawa, Panguna, Wakunai and Kieta, and the delay has affected over 40 000 eligible voters.

CBR Returning Officer Denise Palipal confirmed reports received from the voters that many of the names are not on the electoral roll.

Palipal and CBR police commander Spencer Aila urged all 49 polling teams not to carry out polling until the preliminary roll is printed and distributed to them.

Palipal confirmed that they will be using the preliminary roll from the 2012 elections.

High school students in freak road accident in AROB

The badly ridden mother had to take the body back home in what has been described as a very sad scenario by those present at the hospital on Wednesday.

Calls for safer driving have now been made to commuters along the Bougainville trunk road from Buin to Arawa then to Buka.

The accident that happened along the highway according to eye witnesses, was  caused by loose gravel and excessive speed.

People have now appealed to police for tougher traffic regulations especially for unlicensed drivers and drunk driving.