Papua New Guinea Defence Force (PNGDF)

PNGDF headquarter to mark 50 years

In the months following the establishment of the headquarters, PNG defence powers were passed from Canberra to Port Moresby. 

This anniversary is an opportunity to celebrate the evolution of the PNGDF into the independent defence force it is today.

Members of the Australian Defence Organisation posted to PNG will join the PNGDF for the 50th Anniversary parade.

 The Australian Defence Force’s deep and enduring links with the PNGDF are founded on a history of shared sacrifice and partnership. 

Dept of Defence updates Corporate Plan

The workshop was held recently from 18th-22nd of December 2022. Defence Secretary, Hari John Akipe said the Department of Defence Corporate Plan 2020-2023 was updated to Corporate Plan 2023-2026. 

He said the plan was shaped to be simple, specific and measurable. The Government has recently included the National Volunteer Service, PNG Fire Service and the National Disaster Centre under the Ministry of Defence, which traditionally has DoD and PNGDF. 

K25,000 medical equipment destroyed

Hospital CEO Dr Paki Molumi reported that three monitors in the Emergency Ward are now broken, leaving the hospital with an unnecessary and unbudgeted cost.

According to Dr Molumi, the soldiers, believed to be under the influence of liquor stormed the emergency ward with a colleague who had been involved in an accident. They allegedly terrorised doctors and nurses when their demands that their colleague be attended to, was not met immediately.

‘Operation KIMBA’ applauded

The ADF has more than 130 personnel and three aircraft operating from the Papua New Guinea Defence Force (PNGDF) Air Transport Wing (ATW) in Port Moresby to provide planning, logistics and air transport support. This has involved transporting PNG Electoral Commission material, as well as Joint Security Task Force members all across the country.

PNGDF fly flag in London

Second Lieutenant Kriony Woisub of Charlie Company 1RPIR and flag bearer, Sergeant Gerald Wrakia, 1RPIR and flag ensign and Sergeant Julianne Yallon of PNGDF headquarters, represented PNG at the Jubilee Pageant and Queen’s Parade at Buckingham Palace and a Service of Thanksgiving in honour of the Queen.

The three-member delegation proudly displayed the PNG flag at these events and were well received by various military establishments in the UK and their counterparts from other Commonwealth countries.

PNGDF’s Commissions Refurbished Facilities

The building facility launched was one of two projects funded by the government’s Public Investment Program at a cost of five K5.6 million.  

The accommodation lines will play host to serving members of the PNGDF’s FSB and Basilisk units.

The project, undertaken by the PNGF’s Engineering Battalion led by Director Lieutenant Colonel John Giregire, together with civilian contractor, Blue Home Construction whose representative Samuel Vavine was present at the occasion, has been a long time coming after many years of neglect due to lack of funding.

NZ Continues Support To PNGDF

New Zealand High Commissioner, Philip Taula when opening the Kumul Leadership Centre at Murray Barracks yesterday said, “Operational and security engagement, collaboration between our defence policy makers, and humanitarian assistance and disaster relief are just some of the ways our defence forces have sought to demonstrate their long-term commitment to working together. 
In recent months, Aotearoa New Zealand and Papua New Guinea have shared the experience of supporting another close partner in our region to achieve its security goals. 

PNGDF Kumul Leadership Centre Opened

The ceremony was attended by Minister for Defence Honourable Win Daki, Chief of Papua New Guinea Defence Force Major General Mark Goina and New Zealand High Commissioner Phillip Taula.

Funded by the New Zealand Government, the Leadership Centre will provide a dedicated space and learning environment for leader development within the Kumul Leadership Framework, which was a collaborative development with the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) and completed in 2017.

PNGDF Senior Officers In Wisconsin

During World War II, the 32nd “Red Arrow” Infantry Division, which consisted of all of the Wisconsin National Guard and some of the Michigan National Guard, engaged in intense fighting against the Japanese through multiple campaigns in Papua New Guinea.

The Buna Campaign in Oro Province was particularly brutal, and three Wisconsin Army National Guard Soldiers earned the Medal of Honor posthumously for their actions there. The Red Arrow engaged in other major campaigns in Papua New Guinea including in Saidor and Aitape.

Australia DCP Delivers Assets To PNGDF

The delivery of these assets is through the Defence Corporation Program (DCP).

These assets will contribute to the overall safety of PNGDF personnel during the operations of the country’s National General Elections come April this year.

The presentation of these various assets further strengthens the Papua New Guinea-Australia Defence relationship.

The assets consisted of 1,000 sets of field equipment collectively known as a soldier combat ensemble and 3,000 sets of uniforms in the trial pattern according to the new breakdown by service.