Australian Government

Aus Govt continue WaSH assistance

 With the assistance of the Government of Australia through the PNGAus partnership and the Water for Women Grant, the WaSH Joint Sector Review Report was completed successfully and launched today.

The Australian government was acknowledged by the Department of National Planning and Monitoring who take lead in the JSR Report including other WaSH stakeholders.

Two new aircraft for PNGDF airwing

This marks another milestone between the two nations in their growing defence aviation relationship.

Australian Assistant Minister for Defence Matt Thistlethwaite joined Papua New Guinea Deputy Prime Minister John Rosso, to formally hand over the aircraft.

 The PAC 750 aircraft worth AUD8.58 million (K20.4 million) was selected in consultation with the PNGDF because of its ability to take off and land from short and varied airfields, which is highly valued in PNG’s diverse terrain and geography.

Aus-PNG collaboration empowering workforce and equality

A recent visit by Australian High Commission Minister-Counsellor Diane Barclay to the construction site of the upcoming Metoreia Health Centre in Hanuabada, Port Moresby, marked a significant step in this endeavour.

The focal point of this pioneering venture is the inauguration of the Trade Qualifications Program, a pioneering initiative aimed at invigorating local workforce engagement while nurturing fundamental carpentry and plumbing skills.

Aus-PNG earthquake building codes

Also in collaboration with the PNG Department of Works and Highways, and the PNG National Institute of Standards and Industrial Technology, the joint initiative aimed at developing an Interim Amendment to the PNG building codes for earthquake designs.

Recognizing the paramount importance of best-practice building codes that suit the local environment, the Australian Government has expressed its deep commitment to supporting climate and disaster resilience in the region.

Australia commits $5.5m

The financial backing was announced by the visiting Australian Minister for International Development and Pacific, Pat Convoy, and coincided with PNGRFL NRL Bid’s first major Corporate Dinner held at the Stanley Hotel last night.

Rural doctors to be trained in Kompiam

The school, located within the Kompiam Hospital grounds, is a satellite campus for the UPNG Medical School and is now a primary location of the training of rural doctors.

The first batch of seven students – 5 women and 2 men – begun five months of training where they will travel into some of the most remote parts of Enga to deliver medical help under the supervision of veteran doctor, David Mills.

Aust support transport sector

As part of this support, Australia's Transport Sector Support Program is assisting the PNG Department of Works and Highways in conducting regional awareness workshops for Provincial Works Managers and engineers.

The workshops focus on two key policies: the Environment and Social Safeguards Policy 2019 and the Climate Change Policy 2022.

Participants found the workshops timely and informative as they provided guidance on integrating environmental and climate resilience considerations into their work under the Government's Connect PNG program.

World Vision aim to break barriers

During the masters training recently on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD), World Vision PNG Chief of Party and Education Portfolio Lead, Imelda Ochavillo, emphasized that it is World Vision’s strategy to break barriers on rights for disability persons known in every province as well as other tools to disseminate results.

“We believe that Education, Disability is a business of everyone, so everyone should be involved.

TikTok to be banned from Australian government devices

Key points:

  • The Victorian government says it will work with its federal counterparts to adopt restrictions to TikTok on government devices
  • Similar decisions have been made by governments in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and New Zealand
  • TikTok has fiercely denied its app poses a national security risk

Australia becomes the last nation in the "five eyes" intelligence alliance to block the app, following similar decisions by the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and New Zealand.

Aust stands with PNG against TB

Since 2012, Australia has provided over AUD70 million to support PNG's response to TB and this funding has been used to improve and strengthen healthcare systems, increase access to treatment, and raise awareness about the disease.

Going forward, Australia plans to continue collaborating with trusted partners in PNG to fight TB. This includes providing additional resources and funding, as well as collaborating on research and development initiatives to improve TB prevention and treatment.