Transport Infrastructure

Aust support transport sector

As part of this support, Australia's Transport Sector Support Program is assisting the PNG Department of Works and Highways in conducting regional awareness workshops for Provincial Works Managers and engineers.

The workshops focus on two key policies: the Environment and Social Safeguards Policy 2019 and the Climate Change Policy 2022.

Participants found the workshops timely and informative as they provided guidance on integrating environmental and climate resilience considerations into their work under the Government's Connect PNG program.

Central Province prioritises road access and markets

Governor Peter is aligning her focus again after enduring months of court proceedings. The main one being road and transport infrastructure, and safe drinking water. 
Governor Peter said, “The other issue would be the transit accommodation the two highways Magi Highway and Hiritano Highway transit accommodation for farmers before coming into Port Moresby from long distances from Goilala, Koiari, up in the inlands Rigo inland, Amazon Bay coming into Port Moresby to sell or other activities.”