Central Province prioritises road access and markets

Earlier this week, Governor for Central Province, Rufina Peter, expressed her satisfaction at the outcome of the court of disputed returns against her election as governor.

Governor Peter is aligning her focus again after enduring months of court proceedings. The main one being road and transport infrastructure, and safe drinking water. 
Governor Peter said, “The other issue would be the transit accommodation the two highways Magi Highway and Hiritano Highway transit accommodation for farmers before coming into Port Moresby from long distances from Goilala, Koiari, up in the inlands Rigo inland, Amazon Bay coming into Port Moresby to sell or other activities.”
Apart from transit accommodation, the intention is to also have central markets in that locality with enough car parking space and amenities. Market space and facilities is lacking, forcing people of Central Province to travel into the nation’s capital to do business. Challenges in this include safety, and travel expenses.
Identifying boundaries has also come up. However, this is something that would require proper discussion with the National Capital District Commission.
She added, “The other urgent thing is really looking at boundaries our Central/NCD Boundaries also interested to reviving our Ilimo farm looking at the assets, ground etc.”
“We are working closely with NCD to talk about those and having round the table dialogues and what we can do in a win-win situation.’
“We need to get our surveyors to survey the land and mark out where the boundaries are and we can talk about how we can develop it.”
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