Central Governor Rufina Peter

Relief for Motumotu

The tanks holding a capacity of 9,000 litres of water each, were unveiled in a ribbon-cutting ceremony by Central Governor Rufina Peter, Vanapa Brown Rural Local LLG President Wayne Iorive, and Rigo North Rural LLG President Duri Tom.

For many generations, the people of Vanapa Brown and surrounding communities who settled near the Brown River in the Hiri-Koiari electorate have always used the local river as a water source to drink, cook and bathe.

Central Province prioritises road access and markets

Governor Peter is aligning her focus again after enduring months of court proceedings. The main one being road and transport infrastructure, and safe drinking water. 
Governor Peter said, “The other issue would be the transit accommodation the two highways Magi Highway and Hiritano Highway transit accommodation for farmers before coming into Port Moresby from long distances from Goilala, Koiari, up in the inlands Rigo inland, Amazon Bay coming into Port Moresby to sell or other activities.”

Governor Peter's first courtesy call

The brief meet was to look at Human Resource employment development for Central Province. As it was her first government department visit, Governor Peter said it was only logical to visit DPM first to get HR work done.

Governor Peter said, “As a female political leader, we all know that space still has a lot of perception that women are not effective political leaders, and so for Rai Coast MP Kessy Sawang and I, we have to be demonstrative and make this perception a myth.”