Sorcery Accusation-Related Violence (SARV)

Talks for National Action Plan for Women

While tribal conflicts are not new to the Highlands and Papua New Guinea, what is alarming are the factors that have led to the change in the way these conflicts are carried out and how the nation now views them as a norm.

Bishop welcomes support to end GBV, SARV

The workshop emphasized the centrality of human rights in addressing the ongoing impacts of election-related violence in the province, including sorcery accusation-related violence (SARV).

Human rights defenders, community leaders, and church leaders are attending this workshop. 

UN wants immediate action against perpetrators

United Nations Resident Coordinator Dirk Wagener said Sorcery Accusation-Related Violence (SARV) must be investigated and prosecuted consistent with the law.

“Those found responsible must be held accountable. This recent event once again highlights the continuing challenge of addressing sorcery accusation-related violence in Papua New Guinea.

“Those acting as glasman or glasmeri must be held responsible for the accusations that lead to these behaviors and crimes,” said Mr. Wagener.