ABG Referendum

AROB wants independence: Roka-Matbob

Prime Minister James Marape has always advocated that Bougainville’s efforts towards achieving independence must be handled with great care.  Hence, the creation of Bougainville Affairs ministry and the Bougainville Government.

Legislative changes for referendum needed: Gamato

He said the main area of change needed is in Schedule One of the Organic Law on Peace Building in Bougainville.

Gamato said this clause deals with the operational process of the referendum.

He stated they have gone through and made comments where changes can be done.

The process of legislative changes is quite long and Gamato hopes the alterations can go through.

Kamda encourages education for all children

Former BRA planner Ben Kamda in an interview with this reporter said Bougainville will really need  a qualified human resource, especially educated people.

“A lot of us are abusing our children’s rights by telling  them to go gardening when they’re supposed to be in school learning something,” Kamda said.

“We need future leaders on Bougainville and our children really need to go to school starting at an early age at elementary level. They have to start learning when their blood is still young and fresh, they have to be taught the importance of going to school,” he said.

Give vote on referendum to 15 year olds: Member

Speaking on behalf of his discussion group at the ABG referendum workshop, the three times re-elected member for Kongara said the referendum would have an enormous impact on youths, more particularly youngsters and school aged children.

“I am now suggesting that the normal voting age of 18 years old be reduced to 15 years of age; this is not election voting,  it is a vote that will determine our future,” Mr Itta said.

Referendum workshop ends with thanks to all

All members of the ABG parliament were made fully aware of the referendum preparations, the Bougainville calendar, aims and the agendas of the workshop and the way forward.

They formed break out groups comprising of 5 groups. Discussions were on weapons disposal, unification and reconciliation, good governance, referendum preparations 1 and referendum preparations 2 and the executive group headed by the vice president Patrick Nisira.

All members are now fully equipped and ready to go forth and empower the people in their constituencies to be prepared for referendum.

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