PPC urges school discipline

Chief Inspector Asi delivered this appeal during his visit to Laloki Secondary School last Wednesday, where he also issued a strong warning to those who deviate from expected behaviour.

Addressing the student body, Chief Inspector Asi, who also serves as the chairman of the Parents and Citizens of Laloki Secondary School, outlined his commitment to upholding order within educational institutions.

Discipline is different today: Retiree

Jacobs’ comments followed the viral TikTok video showing Huonville Primary School students in Lae using vulgar language to attack their peers in Port Moresby.

65-year-old Jacobs, who has retired in January this year after 44 years of teaching, said in the past, students were more focused.

“Discipline in the home was also good,” she said. “Parents knew how to discipline their children, and when the children came to school, they adhered to the disciplinary measures that their parents had taught them.

Police discipline subject of scrutiny: Baki

A disappointed Commissioner of Police said this in relation to the Dog Unit Directorate being suspended from operational duties in the Nation’s Capital. This was over allegations made by the general public about cases of harassment.

Gari Baki expressed grave concern with officers not conforming to disciplinary formalities and the requirements of the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary.

He said the behaviour of a particular division from the Dog Unit was uncalled for.

Discipline, everyone’s duty

Mr Ali made this comment at the opening of a three day workshop on Discipline this week at the Internal Affairs Directorate in Koki, Port Moresby.

He said that Discipline is a paramount issue in the Constabulary therefore the workshop will be extended throughout the country.

Meantime, the workshop is a continuation of the Commissioner’s declaration of discipline years in 2016 and 2017.

Present were representatives from different sections of the Force throughout NCD.

Police managing disciplinary issues: Tamari

Superintendent Operations-Administration, Chris Tamari, said police is managing issues involving police brutality.

“The only deterrent means is to deal with them head on.”

He said the command will come down hard on these officers.

According to the NDC metropolitan superintendent, Perou N’Dranou, seven officers were summoned to his office over claims of brutality earlier this week.

“Seven of them will be charged,” he said.

He adds that over the past weekend, he suspended two police officers as well.

Command crunches down on disciplinary issues

This is due to the magnitude and the number of personnel in the command in the nation’s capital.

Superintendent Operations-Administration, Chris Tamari, said discipline matters have been a serious concern to the police hierarchy and command.

Tamari commended the outgoing metropolitan superintendent, Ben Turi, for his strength and character in his effort in dealing with disciplinary issues whilst still in office.

Police to launch project to monitor officers’ movement

Police Commissioner Gari Baki made the announcement on Monday at the opening of the Police Commissioner’s conference in Kimbe, West New Britain Province.

“In this project we will establish a 24/7 call center  inside internal affairs which means any member of the public that see any police vehicles in the wrong places buying or consuming beer they can ring direct to POM.

“The call center will direct the issue back to the PPC or the Station commander of the report received and disciplinary actions will be taken within 21 days.

Pala calls on Baki to instill discipline

In receiving the court decision today, Pala said he is humbled at the decision of the Supreme Court which found that the warrant issued for his arrest from June 2014 was defective.

A three-man Supreme Court bench today declared that warrant void and of no effect, quashing his committal court proceeding that stems from that warrant. The warrant was taken out by Director of Fraud and Anti-Corruption Directorate Matthew Damaru at the District Court.

Police trainers to be well-equipped

Police Commissioner Gari Baki says while people blame the training that is given at the Bomana Police College as not doing enough to stop the police brutality and corruption cases, he disagrees.

The training provided is the best training covering basic law, physical fitness, firearms procedures and arrest and police ethics.

The challenge Baki outlines now is to make sure that trainers at the college are well-equipped and are able to meet the challenges of training the new recruits.

Recruits commended but warned

The 272 recruits were praised for their tireless efforts and commitment to pass through their training and embark on the police profession as a career path.

Baki highlighted the 128 years of rich RPNGC history, adding that they had produced many fine police officers who had served with pride and distinction.

He adds that regardless of what they had been up to, after their service most have settled into their own communities but are still actively dealing with law and order issues.