Ano Pala

Pala disputes Gure’s win

Pala has filed a petition alleging two counts of bribery against Gure and grounds of errors and omissions against the Electoral Commission. This was during the scrutiny process at the Kwikila counting hall.

He anticipates bringing 15 witnesses for the trial while the first term MP and retired airline captain, Gure, is expected to have his lawyers file an objection on the competency of the petition.

Directions have been issued by the court to prepare it to go for trial while a date is yet to be set.

Retired Captain Lekwa Gure elected as Rigo MP

Gure was declared after edging PNC’s Ano Pala by 101 votes.

Gure shot to the top after the 37th exclusion of Turai Elemi. 

Gure raked in a massive 614 votes from Elemi’s 5980 votes.

Pala was forced down to the second where he was eliminated at the 36th exclusion.

Member elect for Rigo Open, an Independent candidate Lekwa Gure, was declared at 1pm today with a total of 7335 votes, exceeding the absolute majority of 7283.

VIDEO: Support for Ano Pala

Led by businessman and third runner-up to the Rigo Open seat in 2012, Wala Gamu, prominent backing has been given to Ano Pala for the development he has brought to the district.


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Former candidates back Rigo MP

All four were present at Pala’s rally yesterday at Galomarupu village, and are confident Pala will return for the third term.

“In politics, you need delivery and the things Ano has done is what the people want. Why should I challenge him again?” said Wala Gamu from Galomarupu village.

“We had a good race in 2012 but I support him now. He’s done a good job for the Rigo people.

“As for now, I see that services are going to all parts of Rigo. So we have joined Ano Pala to help him bring more services to Rigo,” said Humble Kini Vini from Kore village.

​Pala: More experienced and wiser

Speaking at his rally yesterday at Galomarupu village, Pala appealed to the crowd of over 1000 to bring him back for a third term.

“I have a much stronger network than before. I learnt a lot of things in my last two terms. I will be a better leader, more experienced, more wiser and powerful leader.”

Speaking on service delivery, Pala said milestones included Rigo having the best district hospital in the Central Province.

“As a leader, you need to attend to immediate things as well as the long term things.

​Elder interrupts Pala’s rally with accusations

Rigo MP and Justice and Attorney-General Minister, Ano Pala, has been asked not to tell lies in regards to delivery of services to the people.

Tauruba village elder Gai Araga took to the stage and told Pala that there was nothing much to show for in the last 10 years he has been in office.

"You (Pala) have been in Government and enjoyed receiving K10 million each year for the past 5 years. There is really nothing tangible to show for the K50 million that was received," Araga said.

Pala to focus on good governance and service delivery

Pala says good service delivery system like infrastructure, free education and health care are the fundamentals of his leadership and these are top priority policies for the current Government.

“We are ready to get the people’s support to continue the good work with regard to education, health and the massive infrastructure development that the country has seen in the last five years.

“People complain that the country doesn’t have money but all the money is tied up in implementing projects.

Ano Pala nominates to retain Rigo Open seat

Pala is contesting under the Peoples National Congress Party and will commence his campaign as of today.

Hundreds of people traveled in from the inland and coastal villages of Rigo to witness his nomination.

He said his campaign message is getting the Government systems protected.

"When the systems of Government are working well, they will do the delivery with less corruption, Pala said.

Pala joins 16 other candidates including three females who are contesting the Rigo Open seat.


Misappropriation case against Pala dismissed

 Pala was facing 28 charges containing 14 counts of abuse of office and 14 counts of misappropriating more than K2 million, monies belonging to the state, in particular the Rigo district.

All the charges were dismissed today by Magistrate John Kaumi because document evidence before the court did not support any of those 28 charges. His bail monies of K6,000 will be refunded.

Pala seeks dismissal of case in district court

His lawyers filed the application that will be heard next  Wednesday by Magistrate John Kaumi.

On July 21, a three-man Supreme Court bench found the arrest warrant issued by the Committal Court in June 2014 for the arrest of Pala was defective, declaring it void and of no effect.

The Supreme Court found that the arrest warrant of the Attorney General was invalid and quashed the criminal charges he is currently facing at the District Court.