Police to launch project to monitor officers’ movement

The Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary will be launching a project on challenges of discipline in the near future.

Police Commissioner Gari Baki made the announcement on Monday at the opening of the Police Commissioner’s conference in Kimbe, West New Britain Province.

“In this project we will establish a 24/7 call center  inside internal affairs which means any member of the public that see any police vehicles in the wrong places buying or consuming beer they can ring direct to POM.

“The call center will direct the issue back to the PPC or the Station commander of the report received and disciplinary actions will be taken within 21 days.

“There will also be bill boards highlighting what the police cannot do and what they can do and expectations of the members of the public to guide the police.”

Baki said this was not being done to threaten the police men and women.

“It is to guide us to walk our path as a disciplined organization.

“It very important. Members of the pubic expect you to serve them and we are not serving them to their expectation.

“So, that’s why we are doing this. I want to reform the force so that everyone knows that they have accountability. 

“When you in police vehicle you are not allowed to take your family or member of the public, no alcohol, you don’t beat up an accused person when you are taking him to the cells. All these will be laid out and the rule book will be given to Divisional commanders and PPCs.

“And we will carry out accountability checks on them as well. If there are problems and divisional commanders are not dealing with their PPCs, the commissioner will deal with them.”

He added that the 2016 year of disincline will roll over into 2017

“There will be checks and balances and the public will tell us what we are doing right or wrong and what we need to do.”


Freddy Mou