Recruits commended but warned

Police Commissioner Gari Baki, while commending the efforts of the recent police recruits, has warned them to maintain their ethics and discipline acquired through training.

The 272 recruits were praised for their tireless efforts and commitment to pass through their training and embark on the police profession as a career path.

Baki highlighted the 128 years of rich RPNGC history, adding that they had produced many fine police officers who had served with pride and distinction.

He adds that regardless of what they had been up to, after their service most have settled into their own communities but are still actively dealing with law and order issues.

Policing is a noble profession which will see its personnel as peacemakers, protectors of the poor and defenders of the weak and innocent, which means that police are supposed to protect and serve citizens and dispense justice without fear or favour, malice or ill-will.

However, the Commissioner says that he has observed that the discipline taught at Bomana diminishes without much consideration to the code of ethics after the recruits pass out.

This is seen in the vast brutality cases that go against the basic teachings and training that we were given; police recruits are giving way now to an oppressive and abusive force.

He challenged all the recruits to maintain their discipline and code of ethics and conduct not just during their 18-month probationary period but throughout their police career.


Julianna Waeda