Whistleblowing is essential

“It is a great milestone,” Vrkic says.

“Whistleblowing is essential not only for detecting fraud, corruption, and misconduct but also for safeguarding the public interest. It promotes a culture of accountability and integrity in both public and private institutions. This is critical for achieving more equitable growth, fairer societies and safer communities.”

Vrkic stated that at its simplest, corruption acts as a socio-economic cancer. It kills innovation, aspiration and stifles national development. Tackling it is never easy, but always necessary.  

PM's Dept & NEC launch anti-corruption policy

At the launch, the department emphasized its commitment to an effective anti-fraud and anti-corruption culture, by promoting high ethical standards and encouraging the prevention and detection of fraudulent and corrupt activities.

Fraud and corruption within the department is evident and deep-rooted, occurring in numerous forms. The Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) says there is evidence that the department continues to encounter incidences of fraud and corruption adversely affecting the attainment of the department’s mission, vision and core functions.

TIPNG: Newsrooms must not be compromised

Their vision is to be the leading, reputable organisation that works with like-minded individuals and organisations to combat corruption in PNG.

Their Mission is to empower people of PNG to take action against corruption. They work with individuals, government departments, schools and private companies to devise and implement practical actions to address corruption.

Most issues caused by corruption: Coalition

“Our communities are being marginalised due to the rampant corruption that has taken hold of our public service, which in turn pushes our people to the fringes of development,” he stated.

“This causes frustration and tension to build up in our communities until it eventually explodes in the form of conflict and violence.”

Coalition hosts first meet in Lae

The event was co-hosted by the Lae Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI).

The April 24th meeting was attended by 46 community-based organisations and industry representatives, including the PNG Council of Churches, Trade Union Congress and the media, and 18 members of the LCCI representing the business sector.

In his opening remarks at the CCAC 1st National Meeting, co-chair, Neville Choi, spoke about the CCAC, saying at its core, the CCAC is a model for national unity against corruption.

Courage needed for fight against corruption

The panel discussion highlighted the importance of anti-corruption practices, critically analyzing real-world scenarios, and providing information and strategies for identifying corruption and how to overcome it. It also focused on anti-corruption, transparency, good governance, traditional laws and culture and the challenges faced by the country in upholding its Constitution.

Corruption destroying economy: ACT NOW!

“Corruption is costing Papua New Guinea billions of Kina every year,” says Campaign Manager Eddie Tanago. “It is ruining our economy and impoverishing the nation.”

ACT NOW! suggests the government properly fund institutions like the Auditor General’s Office, the newly formed Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC), the Police Fraud Squad and the Department of Implementation and Rural Development.

TIPNG Conducts Election Awareness In ESP

The exercise was targeted at increasing citizens’ understanding of elections and awareness on their rights to vote. 

With the 2022 National General Elections approaching, it is important that voters are ensuring that they are enlisted to vote. The awareness in Wewak targeted first-time voters and the broader voting population. 

NJSS Signs Up Anti-Corruption Strategy

“TIPNG welcomes the decision by the NJSS to partner with us through a Memorandum of Agreement (MoU) for the development of an anti-corruption strategy that will support the NJSS mandate of providing equal access to an independent, fair and quality judicial services to the people,” said TIPNG Chief Executive Officer, Arianne Kassman.

Agencies Address Transparency

The significant signing event took place at the IPA Haus and signed by IPA Managing Director Clarence Hoot and Director of the NFACD Matthew Damaru. 

Mr Hoot expressed the importance of the MoU stating that the partnership is immense in terms of both organization’s roles in promoting transparency and accountability. The two are already in active collaboration through their partnership and the signing was only for formality sake.