Peter Aitsi

Most issues caused by corruption: Coalition

“Our communities are being marginalised due to the rampant corruption that has taken hold of our public service, which in turn pushes our people to the fringes of development,” he stated.

“This causes frustration and tension to build up in our communities until it eventually explodes in the form of conflict and violence.”

Free Media Crucial To Accountability

TIPNG Board Chair, Peter Aitsi, in his address at the Media Freedom Day Breakfast said, “In democratic countries, often the media becomes a tool for accountability, to keep other institutions such as legislature, executive and judiciary in check.”

He said in countries such as Papua New Guinea where governance is weak or lacking, the work of an independent and effective media becomes even more crucial.

Aitsi appointed to Fiji, SI Credit Corp boards

This followed the approval of “Fit & Proper” requirements with the respective Central Banks, said the Credit Corporation in a statement. 

The regional appointments coincide with the approval of the “Fit & Proper” requirements by the Bank of Papua New Guinea formalising the process of his appointment as CEO of the Credit Corporation Group.  

2018 budget stable, consistent: Private sector

During a panel discussion of the Deloitte 2018 Budget Breakfast Debate, it was stated that despite the challenges, there was stability and consistency.

Newcrest PNG Limited country manager, Peter Aitsi, said the stability was due to the non-introduction of new taxes.

“There are no new taxes in there which is great and it’s keeping to their promise that the Government made last year in terms of giving back some confidence to the economy and investors.”

ANZ PNG CEO, Mark Baker, said consistency was shown by the Government to deal with the current economic situation.

Proposed amendments must not affect revenue: Chamber

PNG country manager for Newcrest Mining Limited and vice-president of the PNG Chamber of Mining and Petroleum, Peter Aitsi, recently told new MPs that regulatory frameworks that are detrimental to investment will have a direct impact on revenue streams for the country.

The comments were made during the National Parliament Induction Programme.

Speaking to recently elected MPs, Aitsi said they needed to be aware of the delicate correlation between PNG remaining an investment destination as well as regulations introduced for the country.

Properly manage extractive industries revenue: Executive

Newcrest Country Manager and Vice President of the PNG Chamber of Mines & Petroleum, Peter Aitsi, said this day during the National Parliament Induction Programme.

In a panel session giving parliamentarians an update on the sector, Aitsi said given that extractive industry projects such as gold mines have a fixed life span, it was important to plan ahead and to use the revenue generated to invest in sustainable avenues such as agriculture.

He said this was to ensure the funds were used to maximum benefit for the people of the country.