Transparency International PNG (TIPNG)

TIPNG calls for funding report

Transparency International PNG (TIPNG) has now called on the government to release all reports on funding for the COVID-19 response to restore public trust.

TIPNG has been calling for greater accountability of COVID-19 funds since the initial declaration of the State of Emergency (SOE) in 2020, and subsequent emergency declarations.  


The initiative to join was led by FairPrice staff after TIPNG held a lunch and learn workshop with them last year.

“We understand corruption affects the economy, business operations and even simple sporting games. It matters to us, our families and our livelihood,” commented FairPrice director, Christopher Elphick.

“In joining TIPNG, we gain access to resources and information that inform and empower our team to act against corruption in our everyday lives. We see it as a good investment for many reasons.”

The SME is encouraging others to join as well.

Reminder to demonstrate proper conduct: TIPNG

Transparency International PNG said the decision was handed down by a panel of 5 judges determining the constitutionality of events in Parliament during November.

“Papua New Guineans have every right to expect our elected leaders to lead by example in demonstrating proper conduct in carrying out their responsibilities,” stated Chair of TIPNG, Peter Aitsi.  

TIPNG elects 2020 board directors

The members elected Peter Aitsi as chair, Secretary - Michelle Hau’ofa, Treasurer - Akae Beach and 11 others, including; Brian Alois, Lawrence Stephens, Jerome Sesega, Belinda Kanau, Philip Samar, Paul Barker, Mary Udu, Richard Kassman, OBE, Christopher Elphick and Michael McWalter, OL were returned as directors.

TIPNG issues reminder on audited SOE expenditure report

With the resumption of Parliament on Tuesday 2nd June, and a further 14-day extension of the SOE, Transparency International PNG (TIPNG) is now calling on the government to demonstrate the political will required to ensure they keep their promise to be accountable to the people of Papua New Guinea.  

Govt acknowledged for commitment to accountability

TIPNG Chairman Peter Aitsi has commended the Government on taking the first step towards breaking a trend of administrations evading public scrutiny that has plagued PNG emergency public procurement in recent years.  

“It is very encouraging to note that our Government has now made this commitment to table a fully audited COVID-19 SOE funding report at the earliest available opportunity. This demonstrates that they are taking the responsibility to set a better example in the way that emergency public procurement can be managed,” Aitsi said.

No change in PNG's corruption index ranking

This ranking was announced by the chief executive officer of Transparency International PNG, Arrianne Kassman, at the Lamana Hotel in Port Moresby in the presence of Prime Minister James Marape, Ministers of Government including Police Minister and Member for Madang Bryan Kramer and Minister for Health & HIV/AIDS, Jelta Wong.

Kassman said this is also PNG’s ranking in the previous year survey. 

Law students on TIPNG internship program

Third and fourth year Law Students; Rhonda Tevlone, Melvia Lyandenge and Alois Sinen, officially joined TIPNG’s LIP on December 2nd for an internship which will continue from December through to February.

TIPNG Executive Director, Arianne Kassman, welcomed the interns during their orientation on Monday, adding that their input over the next eight weeks would not only be crucial in reinforcing the functions of TIPNG, but would also provide them with a unique opportunity for growth as legal professionals.

TIPNG set to observe B’ville polling stations

TIPNG has received accreditation from the Bougainville Referendum Commission (BRC) to field their Observers during the week of polling from 25th-29th November in North and Central Bougainville.

“The observers have been briefed by TIPNG and will be fielded next week, with six observers in Buka and five observers in Arawa.

New chairman for TIPNG

Though not new to the position, Aitsi has been involved with TIPNG since 1999. He also served as chairman from 2008 to 2010.

Also elected was the Secretary, Michelle Hau’ofa, Treasurer Akae Beach and directors, Brian Alois, Belinda Kanau, Evah Kuamin, Philip Samar, Mary Udu, Jerome Sesega, Lawrence Stephens, Michael McWalter, Christopher Elphick, Philip Samar, Paul Barker and Richard Kassman.

The 2018 audited financial report was also presented at the AGM.