TIPNG: Newsrooms must not be compromised

Their vision is to be the leading, reputable organisation that works with like-minded individuals and organisations to combat corruption in PNG.

Their Mission is to empower people of PNG to take action against corruption. They work with individuals, government departments, schools and private companies to devise and implement practical actions to address corruption.

Rushing Laws Undermines Elections

Transparency International Papua New Guinea (TIPNG) issued this statement following media reports that there will be no arrangement for a caretaker cabinet during the Election period commencing from the Issue of Writs on 28th April and ending with the Return of Writs on 29th July 2022.

Whilst retaining a full Cabinet up to return of writs is not unlawful, TIPNG cautions that any significant decisions that may have a long-term effect and high cost on PNG, should be carefully considered.


Partners Encourage True Democracy In Elections

The Civic Awareness Information Workshop brought together key provincial election stakeholders, including Eastern Highlands Electoral Commission Office, Provincial Administration and the Goroka Police to provide updates on their preparations for the 2022 National Elections.

Participants at the workshop included members of various civil society organizations in Goroka: YWCA Goroka, Evangelical Lutheran Church, Helping Hand Youth Honey Producers, Tribal Foundation (Soundhouse Consulting) and Caraitas PNG.

Contract Decision Signals Failure

TIPNG issued this statement following media reports of a cabinet decision to award the Certificate of Inexpediency for the Contract for Provision for the supply of 100 percent health centre and aid post kits throughout PNG to Borneo Pacific Pharmaceuticals (BPP) Limited for K65 million one year only.

In 2019, under the Chairmanship of Finance Minister Sir John Pundari, the Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee heard testimonies from invited experts and witnesses.


NJSS Signs Up Anti-Corruption Strategy

“TIPNG welcomes the decision by the NJSS to partner with us through a Memorandum of Agreement (MoU) for the development of an anti-corruption strategy that will support the NJSS mandate of providing equal access to an independent, fair and quality judicial services to the people,” said TIPNG Chief Executive Officer, Arianne Kassman.

Anti-corruption desk in Kokopo

The Anti-Corruption Help Desk is a community service provided by TIPNG that provides an avenue for people to report corruption.

It assists people by providing legal assistance and seeking pathways for redress.

The Anti-Corruption Help Desk statistics of complaints brings to light the hotspots of corruption, informs and empowers people of their rights and responsibilities and strengthens anti-corruption mechanisms within agencies.

TIPNG Launches Awards

The awards initiative was launched on the final day of TIPNG’s National Integrity Summit. 

As of May 14 2021, nominations are now open.

The I-RATE Awards will recognise an initiative by a national agency which strengthens the integrity of that institution.

The award is open to all agencies in the public sector, civil society and private sector with existing integrity initiatives in place. 


TIPNG calls for Police Review

TIPNG says while appreciating the measures to address the spread of COVID-19, comments made by the victims suggest that police actions may have gone beyond what is considered reasonable force.

 “The country has seen increase in violence in the last 12 months, this incident along with others such as the alleged shooting and killing of two men in Central Province, with allegations of police involvement, creates fear within the community and adds to lack of trust,” said TIPNG Board Chair, Peter Aitsi.

TIPNG launches Investigative Journalism Awards

The aim of the Investigative Journalism Awards is to recognize and encourage journalists in PNG to take on the challenge of investigative reporting. 

The initiative comes under TIPNG’s Promoting Anti-corruption & Integrity Strategies (PAIS) project that is funded by the European Union (EU) and supported by the Media Council of PNG.

PAIS Program Manager, EU delegation to PNG, Davide Messina said one of the objectives of the PAIS project is to increase capacity of journalists and editors to conduct investigative journalism.

Suspend funding until audit report is released: TIPNG

The anti-corruption NGO said this in response to media reports that National Planning Minister, Richard Maru, was disappointed that the K230 million NID registration system was not working.

“TIPNG shares the Minister’s concern and has been calling for explanations of the loss or possible misuse of at least K24m and efforts to hold those responsible accountable,” said the anti-rot agency.