2017 Elections

Basil: Pangu to campaign for pro-candidates

Basil said the confirmed listing of all 82 candidates to run under the party banner had already been submitted to the Register of Political Parties and PNG Electoral Commission.

But there are some candidates throughout the country not on the official list submitted by the General Secretary, Morris Tovebae on 17 May.

A good example is in East Sepik Province, where two candidates contesting for the Regional Seat have their posters stating that they were endorsed by Pangu Party.

I will not support PNC: Maxtone-Graham

A candidate for the NCD regional Seat, Maxtone-Graham, said he will not support PNC and the leadership of Parliamentary leader and Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill, labeling the party as self-serving.

“You look at the debt, you look at all this chaos. No medicine in the hospitals, unemployment, the list is so long,” said Maxtone-Graham.

Maxtone-Graham was the former Health Minister in the O’Neill led coalition that ousted Sir Michael Somare in 2011.

I will allow buai sale: Maxtone-Graham

Maxtone said the buai ban had affected many city residents who rely on the nut as a source of income.

He noted the rubbish caused by the nut and said he will reintroduce the city ranger concept to deal with spitters.

“There will be no buai ban, but we will clean up the city, provide proper facilities where they can chew buai, spit it in plastic bags and we will institute heavy fines for people who spit and throw rubbish,” he said.

Sodas, junk food will be taxed: Candidate

The plans are part of 31 policies which he announced today, which form the basis of his elections campaign for the NCD Regional Seat.

Graham said in Port Moresby today that his policies will promote a healthy lifestyle for Port Moresby as well as Papua New Guinea.

He said soda and junk food contain sugar and highly processed ingredients which contribute to lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, as well as cancer currently plaguing the country.

Public Servants urged not to support candidates

In a circular sent to all Departments and Governments agencies, Personnel Management Secretary, John Kali, has informed all public servants advising them on the illegality of supporting intending candidates during the election period.

 “All public employees are informed once again not to participate in the campaigns of candidates during the 2017 Election period. It is illegal for candidates to either solicit support from public employees or to accept support from public employees for their elections campaigns,” he said.

Polye assures locals for stake in Yonki Hydro Project

Accompanied by his Eastern Highlands Regional candidate, Castan Maibawa, Polye entered Kainantu by helicopter to a rousing welcome where he made the assurance.

Polye claims the government had bulldozed the project without having a round table discussion to address landownership issues.

He has also promised that during his first 100 days in office, he and Kainantu Open Candidaate, Ovo Buni Kaka, would deliver a modern market facility, water supply and, sanitation and sewage project for the station.

Zeming nominates to defend seat

The former deputy prime minister signed the nomination papers in Sialum Council Chamber, witnessed by elder brother Dr Agewa Zeming and Assistant Returning Officer Alpha Mark.

Villagers from Siassi island crossed the sea in six dinghies to stand with the Minister as he nominated. They also contributed the K1,000 nomination fee.

Their spokesman Banabas Nalong said their gesture was to show their appreciation for the services that have been delivered to the islanders in the last five years.

Adventists urged to pray for elections

Head of the church in the country, President Pastor Kepsie Elodo, said the national elections needs support from the church.

“Every church member must pray so God will appoint good leaders to run our nation,” Ps Elodo said.

“Let us pray for a trouble-free election. We don’t want harm and destruction to lives and assets.

“Voters must respect each other and the Holy Spirit will provide the peace that is needed.”

He also called on church members to ensure that they are united during the polling period.

Nomination fees to be paid at BSP bank

Concerned returning officers said no cash will be taken in at nominating offices for candidates to file their nominations.

Returning Officer for Rigo, Virgil Waisa said these are strict instructions coming from the Electoral Commission since the issuing of writs last Thursday.

All monies should be deposited into the Electoral Commission Trust Account at BSP Boroko branch: Account number 1000489658.

“We will only accept BSP deposit slips showing the amount paid in full which we will keep for record for the Electoral Commission,” Waisa said.

​No convoying in the city: Police

This is causing traffic jams for other road users in the city.

Traffic police have warned against the overloading of passenger vehicles and trucks going around in the city and candidates should not entertain this behaviour.

Police will be out and about to make sure those road users, especially supporters of candidates, do not overload and follow traffic rules in the Capital.

Elections operations for police have started way before the issuing of writs and will be continuing throughout the campaign and polling period.