Jamie Maxtone-Graham

I will not support PNC: Maxtone-Graham

A candidate for the NCD regional Seat, Maxtone-Graham, said he will not support PNC and the leadership of Parliamentary leader and Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill, labeling the party as self-serving.

“You look at the debt, you look at all this chaos. No medicine in the hospitals, unemployment, the list is so long,” said Maxtone-Graham.

Maxtone-Graham was the former Health Minister in the O’Neill led coalition that ousted Sir Michael Somare in 2011.

I will allow buai sale: Maxtone-Graham

Maxtone said the buai ban had affected many city residents who rely on the nut as a source of income.

He noted the rubbish caused by the nut and said he will reintroduce the city ranger concept to deal with spitters.

“There will be no buai ban, but we will clean up the city, provide proper facilities where they can chew buai, spit it in plastic bags and we will institute heavy fines for people who spit and throw rubbish,” he said.

Sodas, junk food will be taxed: Candidate

The plans are part of 31 policies which he announced today, which form the basis of his elections campaign for the NCD Regional Seat.

Graham said in Port Moresby today that his policies will promote a healthy lifestyle for Port Moresby as well as Papua New Guinea.

He said soda and junk food contain sugar and highly processed ingredients which contribute to lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, as well as cancer currently plaguing the country.