2017 Elections

Lae police warn candidates

Metropolitan Commander, Chief Superintendent Anthony Wagambie Jr: "I want all the intending candidates and their supporters to conduct their campaign according to the laws of the elections.

"We will be out in full force to make sure these laws are observed and adhered to.”

Wagambie Jr stated that if they are in a convoy, they must sit inside their vehicles and not stand up.

He said they know those candidates are leaders in their own rights and would observe these rules but in case some accidentally step out of line or cause nuisance.

Truck loads convoy for nominations for Rigo Open

Since the opening of nominations, three nominated yesterday; the first being a female; Vavine Kila Nades from Kamili Village with two male independent candidates; Naga Gamoga Agarobe from Gabagaba and Lekwa Gure from Babaka.

This afternoon at 1:32pm, another independent candidate,  Richard Faroba, originally from Southern Highlands married to a local from the inland LLG of Rigo entered the Rigo district office to pay his nomination fee.

Ialibu-Pangia gears up for Prime Minister’s nomination

O’Neill is in Mendi and is expected to arrive anytime soon. People have lined the road with placards, banners, painted vehicles all showing support for the Prime Minister and his PNC Party.

O’Neill nominates in Pangia today to retain his Ialibu-Pangia seat. It is too early to know how many candidates will be contesting in this electorate.

 Loop PNG will provide the complete information of the number of candidates running against the Prime Minister by the close of nomination next week.

K80m received for 2017 Elections

Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato confirmed during the issue of Writs that the Commission has so far spent over K50 million.

Gamato said some of the funds have been committed and will be used up.

In terms of awareness, much of the cost is going towards publishing posters to be distributed across the country.

“The awareness posters have been distributed to all the election managers in the provinces to be put up in the electorates for the public to see.

Public transportation to be disrupted

Bus stops were empty by lunch time today, with most buses being parked at open areas like the Jack Pidik Park, where the nominations for the regional seat will be held.

Since 8am, regional seat campaigners and supporters were seen gathering and convoying in buses to show their support for their members.

About 50 to 70 PMVs are already parked, with more than a thousand supporters; some dressed in traditional attires.

More campaigners and supporters are expected to arrive in convoys to show their support.

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Delegates arrive at Government House

His Excellency, Governor-General Bob Dadae, will pre-sign the instruments/writs at 10am.

The GG will commence the 22 provincial instruments, plus Kabwum Open seat instrument/writ.

The issuing of writs signifies the start of nominations for intending candidates to contest the elections, which will commence at 4pm.

The nomination period will close at 4pm on April 27, followed by eight weeks of campaign, two weeks of polling and two weeks of counting period.

Return of Writs of the election must be before July 24.

Govt services must continue during election: Governor

During the Tutumang last Wednesday, he told the Provincial House that they would continue with their constitutional duties until the return of the writs.

The Governor stated that some of their LLG presidents would contest the National Elections but the majority of them will resume as LLG Presidents and be part of the Sam Sewec (Provincial Executive Council).

"It is crucial that government services continue to flow during the election period and therefore they will continue to provide services as required by the Constitution," clarified Naru.

Pangu endorses Anjo for NCD Regional

In a media conference this afternoon in Port Moresby, Pangu Parliamentary Leader, Sam Basil, made the announcement.

Basil said he has admired Anjo as a activist by keeping the Government in check and believes that if  Anjo becomes a member of Parliament he will provide the leadership that will look after the interest of the people.

The Deputy Opposition Leader said some of the reasons for Anjo’s endorsement was:

Election ballot papers arrive in PNG

The election materials were printed in Indonesia.

Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato confirmed to Loop PNG that “ballot papers arrived on Tuesday and have been cleared.

 “They will be under tight guard by Police and Army in a secured place.”

Because of the security protocol, the PNG Electoral Commission will not disclose the location where the ballot papers are being kept for safe keeping for voting in June.   

European Union to observe elections

Electoral Commissioner, Patilias Gamato, announced that the EU has shown interest as a observer in this year’s elections.

The EU is among several countries and organisations, which have shown interest to be observers during the elections.

Other observers include the Commonwealth Secretary, The United States of America, Australia, New Zealand, the Australian National University (ANU), the South Pacific Forum, and Transparency International Papua New Guinea (TIPNG).