Pangu Pati

PANGU supports GG elect

Prime Minister and PANGU Pati Leader, James Marape said this after Sir Bob polled 71 votes to finish ahead of former Papua New Guinea High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, Winnie Kiap, with 33 votes.

The other candidate was former Manus premier and then Governor, Steven Pokawin.

“For continuity and stability, when our Head of State is working well, PANGU and coalition partners gave our support to Sir Bob.

PANGU Invited To Form Government

PANGU is the party with the highest number of Members of Parliament elected during the 2022 National elections.
PANGU Pati General Secretary Morris Tovebae accepted the invitation.

As in other Commonwealth realms, the party or coalition with the most seats in the parliament is invited to form a government, and its leader subsequently becomes Prime Minister. 

In this case, the member-elect for Tari Pori will be the candidate. The Prime Minister then appoints his cabinet from fellow parliament members. 

PANGU Pati has 38 MPs elected during this election.

Marape Congratulates Bird

Marape, when congratulating Governor Bird, also announced that the Wewak Camp was moving to Loloata just off Port Moresby, because of the extension of return of writs.

However, he announced that to make up for this, the new government would meet in Wewak immediately after formation for a retreat to draw up its plans and policies.

“I congratulate Governor Bird, one of my strongest supporters despite being a member of National Alliance, for his landslide victory today,” Marape said.

Pangu De-camps Wewak

Governor elect for East Sepik Province, Allan Bird made this announcement a while ago.
"The planning for the camp here in Wewak was for one week, and that one week ends tomorrow, Saturday 29th July.” 
"Due to the slow return of Writs, a lot of the MPs are yet to be declared so that particular part of the planning is imminent."
Governor Bird said all the MPs in the Wewak camp will fly to Port Moresby tomorrow for the next leg of planning.


PANGU Numbers Build Up

“I congratulate Nuku MP and Public Service Minister, Joe Sungi, on retaining his seat,” Marape said.

“He is a PANGU strongman and a hardworking minister who has been effectively driving the public service.”

The declaration of Mr Sungi yesterday (Wednesday July 27 2022) brings to 10 the number of PANGU MPs declared so far. They are also leading in 24 other seats throughout the country.

“Seventeen (17) other PANGU candidates are sitting comfortably on second or third place, so I am very confident of us doing extremely well.”

PANGU Extends Invite To Join Camp

He made the call after arriving in the East Sepik capital on Friday, July 22, 2022, with six other PANGU MPs, one from United Resources Party (URP) and one from National Alliance (NA) to start camp.
PANGU MPs are Marape (Tari-Pori), John Rosso (Lae), Ian Ling-Stuckey (Kavieng), Graham Piniau Rumet (Rabaul), Philip Undialu (Hela), Manasseh Makiba (Margarima) and Daniel Tindipu (Komo-Hulia).
With them are Koroba-Kopiago MP, William Bando (URP) and East Sepik Governor, Allan Bird (NA).

We Are Not Rigging Elections: Marape

He said if PANGU had rigged the elections, it would have made a clean sweep of all 118 seats, including Maprik Open in East Sepik, which party strongman, John Simon has lost.
“People have been falsely claiming that Pangu is rigging the elections, that there are extra ballot papers and making all other manner of lies,” PM Marape said from Wewak, where he is currently in camp to form Government.

Crowd Backs PM’s Nomination

Marape for the first time nominated as Prime Minister after becoming the CEO of the country in 2019. This is his fourth term to nominate after entering politics in 2007.
Speaking during his nomination, the Prime Minister urged the people to respect the electoral process and allow for a fair and transparent election.

Meantime, straight after nominating, Marape vowed in front of his people in Tari that he will resign if PANGU Pati will not form the next Government.

Vote Wisely: PM

The call was made on the third anniversary of Marape’s resignation from the O’Neill-led government.
The PM, on April 11, 2019, resigned in protest at the way the country was being run.
Reflecting on that momentous occasion, the Prime Minister urged the people “to exercise your right to vote wisely in the 2022 elections”.
“Don’t vote for money, don’t vote for relatives, and don’t vote for people or parties who have sold your birthright,” he said.

Liberal Party set for elections

Liberal Party leader, Sir John Pundari made this announcement when launching the party on Monday at Londol village in Ambum in Enga Province.
Sir John, also Minister for Finance and Rural Development, affirmed that the Liberal Party will be going into the elections with PANGU Pati as sister parties.
The member for Kompiam Ambum, said the Liberal Party was formed to liberate the people of Kompiam Ambum first, and the country as a whole, from the bondage of poor health and living conditions.