Pangu Pati

Minister warns against Pangu Pati scam

This follows a recent development involving person(s) identifying themselves as representatives of Pangu Pati and requesting membership sign-up and fees from individuals around Maprik district.

It has been alleged that some ‘person of interest’ belonging to a newly established church have been prompting individuals to sign up for membership with promises of thousands of kina credited into their accounts as rewards; those who sign up are asked to do so with a certain amount, including a cost of K50 or more.

Two more MPs join PANGU

They are Middle Fly MP Roy Biyama and Tambul-Nebilyer MP, Win Daki.

Pangu Pati Leader and Prime Minister James Marape officially welcomed the MPs today, saying Pangu is all about quality leadership and not numbers.

The Prime Minister clarified that other MPs have also shown interest in joining but have been directed to join other coalition parties.

The new additions now brings the number of Pangu Pati MPs to 28.

Meantime, Prime Minister Marape also announced that the party’s gala dinner will be hosted on December 21 in Port Moresby.


Marape announces major Cabinet reshuffle

They include Charles Abel, Alfred Manase, Petrus Thomas and Elias Kapavore.

This was announced following the swearing in of National Alliance Party Leader, Patrick Pruaitch, and his Deputy, Timothy Masiu, as Ministers as well as United Resources Party Parliamentary Leader, William Duma, and his Deputy Jelta Wong.

Pruaitch now takes on the Foreign Affairs and International Trade portfolio, Masiu as Communication and Information Minister, while Duma has been allocated the Commerce and Industry Portfolio, and Wong as Health & HIV/AIDS Minister.

Wewak MP moves to PANGU

His moved was announced today in Port Moresby, bringing the total number of PANGU Pati members to 26.

PANGU Pati’s Deputy parliamentary leader and Transport Minister William Samb welcomed the MP to the party, witnessed by other members and Party General Secretary Morris Tovebai.

Samb said Isifu made a decision to join PANGU as they were in the same coalition.

Momase region members of PANGU also joined to witness the event.

Basil, Samb reelected to lead PANGU

The election of his deputy and Goilala MP William Samb was also nullified.

The decision was made in favour of Pangu Pati president Patrick Pundao who sought the ruling in his submission via his lawyer Justin Isaac.

However, both were re-elected to lead the party.

The court had ordered for a re-election facilitated by the registrar of political parties and candidates, Alphonse Gelu.

Complying with the court order, party executives and members convened at a meeting on Monday, October 1st, which was supervised and facilitated by Gelu.

Pangu intact

During a press conference on Friday, the Goilala MP and deputy leader of Pangu gave the assurance that one of PNG’s oldest political parties still remains intact.

On May 8th, the Pangu Pati Executive Council announced that it has suspended the party leader and Member for Bulolo, Sam Basil, from Pangu.

Pangu Pati executives maintain stand

Tovebae made these remarks after Bulolo MP and Minister for Communication and Energy, Sam Basil, made an announcement recently that the party president Thomas Pundao and Tovebae were sidelined.

Tovebae, in a phone interview, told this newsroom that the Pangu Pati executives are conducting business as usual and everything is in control despite Basil’s announcement.

He said the party’s executive council is supreme and have the last say, according to OLLIPAC laws.

Ignore decisions by ‘estranged’ Pangu executives: Basil

His statement follows today’s announcement by the Pangu Pati Executive Council of his suspension.

“At this stage, the only unchallenged authority in Pangu Pati is the Parliamentary Wing of which I am Parliamentary Leader. Until all matters involving the Pangu Council generally and the non-Parliament National Executive are resolved by the National Court, the only authorised statements on Pangu Pati matters are those sanctioned by my office – Pangu Pati Parliamentary Leader,” said Basil.

Pangu hosts deep sea tailings workshop

Pangu Pati’s Leader Sam Basil and Morobe Governor Ginson Saonu have been commended for organising an interactive dialogue on deep sea tailings disposal: The Basamuk Experience & Implications for Huon Gulf.

Speakers at the session were from Wafi-Golpu Joint Venture led by the company’s head of external affairs, David Wissink, Dr Grant Batterham and David Gwyther, who presented preliminary research findings arguing the safety of submarine disposal of tailings.

VIDEO: Pangu in Court

This follows an urgent application filed by expelled Pangu Party President, Patrick Pundau seeking Stay Orders to restrain all Pangu executives from conducting any business until a substantive matter, also before the National Court is dealt with.


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