Pangu endorses Anjo for NCD Regional

Noel Anjo has been endorsed by Pangu Pati as its candidate for the NCD Regional seat.

In a media conference this afternoon in Port Moresby, Pangu Parliamentary Leader, Sam Basil, made the announcement.

Basil said he has admired Anjo as a activist by keeping the Government in check and believes that if  Anjo becomes a member of Parliament he will provide the leadership that will look after the interest of the people.

The Deputy Opposition Leader said some of the reasons for Anjo’s endorsement was:

  • To weed out corruption;
  • To oust incumbent NCD Governor, Powes Parkop, who is supporting the People’s National Congress (PNC) led coalition; and
  • Anjo’s influence at the grassroots level having an impact in changing the National-Alliance led coalition Government in August, 2011;

Basil said he respected Anjo because the activist has not benefitted from any political rally or protested he has organised against Governments. And he remains neutral and does not side with any political grouping.

“Mipla Pangu Pati i luksave olsem em activitst tru tru na em I gat people at his heart. So mi toksave pinis mipla hamamas olsem Noel Kolao Anjo em I official candidates blo National Capital Ditrict,” Basil announced.

(Pangu Pati recognises Anjo as a true activist and that he has the people at his heart. So we are happy to announce that Noel Kolao Anjo is the official candidate for National Capital District.)

Anjo thanked Basil for the opportunity and said he was unlike other former activists-cum-politicians, which he named as Peti Lafanama, Father Robert Lak, and Governor Parkop, who he claimed forgot their roots when they entered politics.

He added he has organised more protests and petitions than any other activist in the country during his 16 years in activism and believes he is qualified for the role.

“I’m the right person to contest the NCD Regional seat,” said Anjo.

Anjo contested the Moresby North East seat in the 2012 National Elections.

Pangu Pati will be announcing its candidates for the three NCD Open seats next week.

Cedric Patjole