Sam Basil

Basil Congratulates UAE

Minister Basil speaking on behalf of Prime Minister, James Marape praised UAE’s Minister of Tolerance H.E Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan and the UAE Government in coming up with an innovative and inclusive structure that allowed smaller developing nations like PNG to participate meaningfully. 

“The UAE Government’s support to my country is well documented and I thank your Government for this support and guidance that allowed Papua New Guinea to tell its story and share ideas and experiences with other participating countries of the world.

Kuk Chips Launched In Dubai

The frozen sweet potato chips are from organically grown sweet potato from the cool and rich soil region of the highlands of Papua New Guinea.

The company is also the only fresh milk and dairy producer and fresh vegetable production in the country, including the Kuk frozen sweet potato chips brand. Kuk Kaukau (sweet potato), take its name from the famous Kuk UNESCO heritage site in the Western Highlands Province.

Control Your Children: Basil

In a recent gathering at Mairu block, in Wau, he reminded settlers that the confrontation in 2020 between Waria and Biangai landowners was instigated by intoxicated young men and women.

That is why parents and guardians should not let their children roam around aimlessly.

“Planti generation kam stap pinis; wokim haus, kamapim pikinini na ino gat graun lo ples,” he stated. (Generations of people now live here. They’ve built homes, and procreated. There’s no land for them back home.)

Basil Is Acting PM

He announced this at the Jacksons International Airport today, before he departed for the People’s Republic of China. He will later travel to France on official government engagements.

Prime Minister Marape is leading a small delegation of senior ministers including Petroleum Minister Kerenga Kua and Trade, Commerce & Industry Minister William Samb and Fisheries Minister, Dr. Lino Tom.

His visit to China is on the invitation of Chinese President Xi Jinping to witness the opening of the Winter Olympics in Beijing.

DPM disappointed with OC

DPM Basil, speaking at Wau on Friday, said six months was taken away from the people of Bulolo District as they waited for the leadership tribunal’s decision, where the case against him was dismissed in December 2021.

They now have a limited timeframe to deliver all projects and activities before the national elections.

Leadership Tribunal Clears Basil

He has thanked Prime Minister, James Marape for having confidence in him and his innocence throughout the leadership tribunal. Basil made this remarks outside the courthouse today after the Leadership Tribunal dismissed his case.

“I want to thank the Prime Minister for keeping my Deputy Prime Minister seat empty during the last two sessions of Parliament and my Ministry. I would like to say thank you to the Prime Minister for his understanding, as United Labour Party is a good coalition partner of the Pangu Government. 

Basil vows to defend against charges

Basil appeared before the Leadership Tribunal yesterday at the Waigani National Court.

After the hearing, Basil said: “The facts are that I have been referred by the Ombudsman Commission to the Office of the Public Prosecutor. Both institutions have assessed that I have a prima facie case of misconduct in office to answer; and therefore the Public Prosecutor has requested the Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika to appoint a Leadership Tribunal headed by Justice David Allen to hear the case.

Basil Before Tribunal

Basil is facing allegations of misconduct in office. He appeared before Justice Allen David, Chief Magistrate for Lands Mark Selefkariu and Magistrate Josephine Kilage.  

The leader by law is suspended from conducting his official duties once the Public Prosecutor presents the allegations of misconduct before the tribunal.

Public Prosecuto Pondros Kaluwin however did not present the allegations today.

The next hearing has been adjourned to 6th of August.

Basil to face leadership tribunal

Chief Justice, Sir Gibbs Salika, in a statement on Tuesday, 24th of June,  announced that the leadership tribunal will by headed by Justice Allen David, including Chief Magistrate for Lands, Mark Selefkariu, and Magistrate Josephine Kilage.

The appointment of the leadership tribunal follows a request made by the Public Prosecutor, Pondros Kaluwin, to the Chief Justice to refer the member to the tribunal under section 27 (2) and 27 (7) (e) of the Organic Law on Duties and Responsibilities of Leadership.

Basil reconciles with PM

Basil apologised for defecting to the Opposition in November last year.

PM Marape was in Morobe Province on Friday to launch some of Bulolo district’s projects.

Senior Cabinet ministers and the Prime Minister had a fully-booked schedule from 10am at the North Coast Aviation hangar at Nadzab to the launching of various projects in Wau.

As the sun’s rays started fading from the mountain tops of Buang Rural LLG, marked with a significant drop in temperature, the welcoming sound of a chopper’s blades could be heard in the distance.