2017 Elections

Don’t intimidate Electoral Commission: Baki

He said he won’t be tolerating anyone who tries to intimidate or disturb the work of both the Electoral Commission and Police to deliver safe and secure national general elections.

Political parties demand withdrawal of proposed increased nomination fees

The party secretaries had a meeting on December 2 at the Office of the Registry of Political Parties and Candidate Commission and came up with the communique.

The meeting was chaired by Pangu Pati General Secretary Morris Tovebae.

In a press conference today in Port Moresby, Tovebae said the rights of the persons to contest to promote free, fair and safe 2017 National elections is being infringed with the proposed increase of the nomination fees.

Citizens urged to vote with care in 2017 elections

This was the statement made this week from watchdog Transparency International PNG (TIPNG).

Chairman of TIPNG, Lawrence Stephens further urged citizens to vote with care in the coming 2017 National Elections.

“If you have a child, who regularly steals from you, would you give him your money to care for? Would you send him out to look after the money of your community knowing that he is likely to steal again, shaming himself and his family?

Electoral staff urged to check candidates for 2017

Kikori MP Mark Maipakai made the call on learning that most MPs in the government had criminal records or were once convicted and or declared corrupt for bribery by the courts.

“It was shocking to know these kinds of leaders running the affairs of the country.

“With them once being convicted or had criminal records, we have found them using political power to remain in power,” Maipakai said.

He said he reserved the right to withhold the names of those he was referring to, adding “the writing is on the wall’’.