Basil: Pangu to campaign for pro-candidates

Pangu Party is happy to campaign for pro-Pangu candidates throughout the country, says party leader Sam Basil.

Basil said the confirmed listing of all 82 candidates to run under the party banner had already been submitted to the Register of Political Parties and PNG Electoral Commission.

But there are some candidates throughout the country not on the official list submitted by the General Secretary, Morris Tovebae on 17 May.

A good example is in East Sepik Province, where two candidates contesting for the Regional Seat have their posters stating that they were endorsed by Pangu Party.

Dulciana Somare is the official candidate endorsed by the party leader Sam Basil, and Alois Jerewai is endorsed by the party’s provincial executive.

“I am happy to campaign for Alois Jerewai as a pro – Pangu Party independent candidate,” Basil said.

According to PNG Electoral Commission all candidates not listed in the party listing supplied by party general secretaries will run as independent candidates.

Meanwhile, PNGEC Media Officer Alphonse Muapi said, parties can only endorse one candidate to run for an Open and Provincial seats in the 2017 National Election.

He said PNGEC do not have control on posters printed by the candidates, but the candidate poster to be printed by PNGEC will follow the legitimate party listing provided by individual party general secretaries.

The candidate posters to be printed by the election office will have the photos of candidates and its party leaders.

It will be placed at the polling area for voters to consult when casting their votes.

Voting for the election will run for 14 days from 24 June – 8 July.

Charles Yapumi