Mao Zeming

Former MP calls for peace in district

Zeming made the call after tribal fights in two different parts of Tewai-Siassi, Morobe Province, resulted in four deaths.

The clashes had made community leaders worried about the ability of the district administration to bring the law and order situation under control.

One fight is raging in Sialum, involving villagers in Upper Ziwe, while the other is on Siassi Island, involving Gasam and Gom villagers.

At least four people have been killed within a week, with many more seriously injured and houses and properties destroyed in both areas.

VIDEO: Tewai-Siassi case update

Zeming's lawyer filed an application seeking judicial review of the declaration date. 


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​Court to review date of declaration

Zeming’s lawyer filed an application seeking judicial review of the declaration date.

Justice Collin Makail allowed leave for a review to be conducted because he saw that the issue of the declaration date requires full consideration of the court in a trial.

It was out before the court that the writ that had the declared winner, Dr Kobby Bomareo, was dated 18 July, however the declaration was made one day later.

PNC party heavyweights lose seats

Morobe Election Manager Simon Soheke confirmed to Loop PNG a few minutes ago that PNC Party candidates, Mao Zeming (Tewae-Siassi MP) and Theo Zurenuoc (Finschhafen MP) have respectively lost to Dr Kobie Bomareo and Rainbo Paita.

PANGU have now claimed four Open seats in the province, where party leader Sam Basil is also a local MP.  

The defeat will send shockwaves through the PNC camp because Zeming is the deputy party leader and Fisheries Minister in the completed term of Parliament.

And Zurenuoc served his five years as the National Parliament Speaker.

PNG, Vietnam to fight illegal fishing

Mao Zeming said the agreement between the two countries strengthens ongoing efforts in the region to combat illegal and unregulated fishing.

He added that the NFA would continue its collaborative efforts with Police, PNG Defence Force and Customs to prevent illegal fishing in the waters of PNG.

Vietnam’s Deputy Minister for Agriculture and Rural Development, Vu Van Tam, was in Port Moresby last week to hold talks with National Fisheries Authority and other government officials.

Zeming says PNG’s best days still ahead with PNC

“With your support, our government has maintained stability and focus on its key agenda and priorities.

“As a result, we have delivered nearly all our priorities and goals set out in the Alotau Accord. We have built more transport infrastructure to enhance economic growth and participation than at any other time in our nation’s history; we have put more school-aged children in school in a short time as a result of our fee-free policy; we have made health care affordable to more of our people with low income.

Zeming nominates to defend seat

The former deputy prime minister signed the nomination papers in Sialum Council Chamber, witnessed by elder brother Dr Agewa Zeming and Assistant Returning Officer Alpha Mark.

Villagers from Siassi island crossed the sea in six dinghies to stand with the Minister as he nominated. They also contributed the K1,000 nomination fee.

Their spokesman Banabas Nalong said their gesture was to show their appreciation for the services that have been delivered to the islanders in the last five years.

Zeming: Namasu Wharf will not be closed

Zeming said the asset was acquired from NASFUND for K12 million.

“NASFUND was placing this asset on the market, and since NFA already owned the facilities on either side of the wharf, it made sense that the government should purchase the wharf too,” he said.

Zeming was responding to questions from Morobe Governor Kelly Naru, who asked if shipping services would be shut down as a result of the purchase.

Staff, public urged to look after new MRI scanner

The MRI scanner was launched yesterday at POMGH and is the first MRI scanner in the public health system of Papua New Guinea.

It was funded by the National Fisheries Authority at a cost of K4.5 million.

Minister for Fisheries and Marine Resources Mao Zeming said NFA is proud to have provided funding assistance towards the acquisition of this MRI scanner and the facility to house it.

“I urge our staff at POMGH and the public to take good care of this equipment and the facility so that it will continue to be of service to our people,” stated Zeming.

Zeming describes late Hau’ofa ‘a powerful voice of free speech’


“Roger has used his popular talk-back show on FM100 to put leaders on the spot about many issues of national interest.

“He is quite intelligent at mixing dry with sharp talk to get behind issues, ensuring his listeners get an insight into legislative actions of Parliament, and government policy decisions that affect the lives of Papua New Guineans.

“His was a powerful voice of free speech and media freedom that any democratic society like ours values so much.”