Fisheries and Marine Resources Minister

Zeming: Namasu Wharf will not be closed

Zeming said the asset was acquired from NASFUND for K12 million.

“NASFUND was placing this asset on the market, and since NFA already owned the facilities on either side of the wharf, it made sense that the government should purchase the wharf too,” he said.

Zeming was responding to questions from Morobe Governor Kelly Naru, who asked if shipping services would be shut down as a result of the purchase.

Zeming describes late Hau’ofa ‘a powerful voice of free speech’


“Roger has used his popular talk-back show on FM100 to put leaders on the spot about many issues of national interest.

“He is quite intelligent at mixing dry with sharp talk to get behind issues, ensuring his listeners get an insight into legislative actions of Parliament, and government policy decisions that affect the lives of Papua New Guineans.

“His was a powerful voice of free speech and media freedom that any democratic society like ours values so much.”