Port Moresby General Hospital (POMGH)

PMGH to offer kidney transplant

This was announced during a visit of a kidney specialist from the Birmingham Hospital in the United Kingdom.

However, this will also depend on how fast policies can be drafted and approved for the establishment of this new Kidney Transplant service.

PMGH and the PNG Kidney Foundation (PNGKF) are currently using dialysis to treat kidney patients.

Patients visit a dialysis center every three to four weeks where waste products and excess fluid from the blood are removed. It often involves diverting blood to a machine to be cleaned.

New equipment for PMGH

Sir Brian Bell Foundation donated two and Wang Dee lawyers gave one of the Observation monitors to the department, which were damaged in the recent past.

PMGH Director for Medical Services, Dr. Koni Sobi, acknowledged the donation as a relief to both health care professionals and patients.

 “On behalf of board and PMGH, I thank Sir Brian Bell Foundation. We are thankful to donors that have come forward. This is in response to our recent damage of vital equipment in the department, so once again we say thank you for the donation made.

PMGH appeal for blood donations

In a public appeal poster Port Moresby General Hospital appealed for urgent blood donation from the public because the hospital has low blood supply.

The appeal said the blood donation would help women with complications of pregnancy such as ectopic pregnancies, and hemorrhage before, during or after childbirth.

It will also help children with severe anemia often resulting from malaria or malnutrition, people with trauma following man-made and natural disasters, and many complex surgical and medical procedures and cancer patients.

Staff, public urged to look after new MRI scanner

The MRI scanner was launched yesterday at POMGH and is the first MRI scanner in the public health system of Papua New Guinea.

It was funded by the National Fisheries Authority at a cost of K4.5 million.

Minister for Fisheries and Marine Resources Mao Zeming said NFA is proud to have provided funding assistance towards the acquisition of this MRI scanner and the facility to house it.

“I urge our staff at POMGH and the public to take good care of this equipment and the facility so that it will continue to be of service to our people,” stated Zeming.