Polye assures locals for stake in Yonki Hydro Project

Opposition Leader, Don Polye, has guaranteed the people of Kainantu that they will have fair stake in the upgrading of the Yonki Hydro Project if his Party forms the next Government.’

Accompanied by his Eastern Highlands Regional candidate, Castan Maibawa, Polye entered Kainantu by helicopter to a rousing welcome where he made the assurance.

Polye claims the government had bulldozed the project without having a round table discussion to address landownership issues.

He has also promised that during his first 100 days in office, he and Kainantu Open Candidaate, Ovo Buni Kaka, would deliver a modern market facility, water supply and, sanitation and sewage project for the station.

The Triumph Heritage Empowerment (THE) Party has endorsed eight candidates to contest in the Eastern Highlands.

They include:

1.Casten Maibawa-Eastern Highlands Region;

2.Heitch Karrot-Daulo Open;

3.Muki Taranupi-Obura-Wanenara Open;

4.Ova Buni Kaka-Kainantu Open;

5.Ferao Orimyo-Henganofi Open;

6. Apaso Winch Lee Oibotee-Ungai-Bena Open;

7.Moriyape Kavori-Lufa Open and;

8.Saki Hacky Soloma-Okapa Open.

Polye is confident of winning all seats in the Province.

Cedric Patjole