Seventh-Day Adventist

SDA church speaks out against violence

Leader of the church in Papua New Guinea, Pastor Kepsie Elodo, made the call in light of increasing media reports of violence against women and children, especially girls.

“We, the Seventh-Day Adventist church, speak up and join with others to bring an end to violence against women and girls,” Pr Elodo said.

He added that global statistics indicated that in all societies, women and girls were more frequently the victims of violence.

Adventists urged to pray for elections

Head of the church in the country, President Pastor Kepsie Elodo, said the national elections needs support from the church.

“Every church member must pray so God will appoint good leaders to run our nation,” Ps Elodo said.

“Let us pray for a trouble-free election. We don’t want harm and destruction to lives and assets.

“Voters must respect each other and the Holy Spirit will provide the peace that is needed.”

He also called on church members to ensure that they are united during the polling period.