West New Britain Province

WNB ready for polling

Kelton said polling teams were dispatched since Wednesday, while the remaining will be sent out today and early tomorrow morning.

A total of 61 polling teams will travel throughout the length and breadth of the province.

22 teams have been spread throughout the five LLG’s of Kandrian-Gloucestor, while 39 teams will cover the seven LLG’s of Talasea.

Polling will be held for seven days.

Meanwhile, Kelton said the province is currently experiencing strong winds and showers and this could lengthen the polling process.

2017 PNG Games preparations on track

The Games will be held from March 18-April 1 and will bring together 23 provincial teams and 12,000 athletes and officials.

Sports Minister Justin Tkatchenko confirmed that 90 percent of the venues are complete, with preparations progressing well.

However, the only issue that is slowing the contractor down is the wet weather, Tkatchenko said, which plays a major role in the timing of the completion of the facilities.

Talasea high graduates 135 pioneer students

It was a relief for locals after fighting for years to get such an institution.

The inaugural event was witnessed by police hierarchies, including Commissioner of Police Gari Baki.

Baki, also from Talasea, was a proud man to see the establishment of the school and witness the graduation.

He said during his time in the 70s, there were no such high schools so they had to attend Kerevat High School (then) in East New Britain Province.

He urged the graduands to not be disheartened if they do not continue.

6.5 magnitude earthquake recorded this afternoon

 An officer from the Geophysical Observatory office, Matthew Moihoi, confirmed the earthquake took place at 4.15pm today.

The Geophysical Observatory office says there is no tsunami threat from this quake.

This earthquake took place 83km beneath the Arawe Islands of the West New Britain Province in the Western Solomon Sea.

It was caused by interaction between the Solomon Sea and the Bismark tectonic plates and was weakly felt in Port Moresby.

No damage has been reported.

Reports on attack on WNB doctors untrue, says NBPOL

According to media reports last month, two doctors in Kimbe were attacked by the NBPOL Kumbango Division 3 community.

Statements from the doctors submitted to NBPOL also reported theft of personal items. They reported very dramatic and horrific experiences of the incident against NBPOL and its Kumbango Division 3 community of workers and their families.

However, during the NBPOL management’s roundtable discussion with the WNB Provincial Health Authority and the Kimbe Chapter of the National Doctors Association on August 13, reconciliation took place.

8 women benefitted from chicken project so far, reports group

The project is facilitated by the Mama Lus Fruit Scheme with assistance from the New Britain Palm Oil Ltd Sustainability Department.

The women selected under a set criteria were from Sarakolok, Buvussi, Siki, Morokea and Galevale VOP and LSS area.

Executives from the Mama Lus Fruit Scheme, under the Hoskins Oil Palm Growers Association, yesterday met to review their activities and work plan for the 3rd quarter of this year.

New classroom for Bebere elementary school

The four-door elementary classroom was built at a total cost of K37,482, thanks to contributions from the New Britain Palm Oil Ltd Bebere Plantation management, parents and the Mosa LLG administration.

The opening was marked with a big cultural reception by students in their traditional attire, representing all the regions of the country.

Didiman Stoa manager, Jimmy Joseph, presented the elementary curriculum, worth K3,000, to the head teacher and encouraged students to work hard in their classes.

Grade 11 student designs new IEA logo

Esau Guria attends the Kimbe International School. His design was selected among 130 entrants from IEA schools throughout the country.

The launch of the logo marks the 40th Anniversary of IEA operating in the country.

Thousands of students have passed through the IEA schools throughout the country since its inception in Papua New Guinea in 1976.

IEA currently enrols over 6,000 students every year at the schools throughout the country, with 1,000 ancillary staff, 60 expatriates and 300 local teachers.

​Over 100 referred for checkup after cancer screening

The Papua New Guinea Cancer Foundation (PNGCF) confirmed that 490 people were screened for breast and mouth cancer and 130 of them were referred.

A survey was also carried out which highlighted the need for more cancer awareness campaigns in PNG so that people can protect themselves and their families from it.

The cervical and breast cancer education workshop saw that there still needs to be more awareness on cervical cancer.

​Youth chopped to death, houses burnt in retaliation

The Kimbe Grammar School, Karl Hesse Primary and St. Monica’s Elementary School in the residential area of Section 21 had their classes disrupted after a group of men retaliated to the killing.

The deceased, from Sepik and WNB parentage, was chopped to death at Section 21 on June 26. This occurred in front of the tucker shops at the 7th street, leading to what is known as Wabag City.

The perpetrator, believed to be from Enga Province, has fled and police are appealing to the public to bring the person to the Kimbe Police Station for charges to be laid.