Ivule Bridge

Prioritise Ivule Bridge: Residents

The Ivule Bridge, which connects Bialla town and the provincial capital, Kimbe, was washed away by flood last weekend following continuous rainfall.

Village elder Philip Kawagale said since the first destruction of the bridge in 1985, no permanent bridge was built.

He said their children will be affected as they will not be attending schools in Bialla.

Kawagale also raised concerns that the contractors contracted by the Department of Works to build the bridge are always leaving the villagers out in decision-making.

Continuous downpour wreaks havoc in WNB

The bridge was washed away by flood last weekend following continuous rain in the province, which has wreaked havoc to properties and infrastructure.

One of the bridges that connects Bialla and Kimbe along the New Britain Highway was severely destroyed, leaving commuters stranded on either side of the road.

Provincial Works Manager John Sitapai said bridges along the New Britain Highway, especially Ivule and Tiauru, are at major risk when it floods, which is also a threat to local economy.

Proper bridge for Bialla needed

The Ivule Bridge has always been Mother Nature’s target during prolonged wet seasons, causing problems for commuters travelling to and from the New Britain Highway.

Wereh said currently there is an ongoing program to replace 14 bridges under the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and Asian Development Bank.

He said the Ivule Bridge is a critical bridge but has always been a problem.

“Our future plan is to talk to donors to extend the program where they can take these additional bridges in the existing program,” stated Wereh.