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COUNTING: NCD regional progressive results after count 68

Progressive results as of Count 68 at 5pm this afternoon are:

 Powes Parkop is still in the lead with 7, 397 votes,  Andy Bawa with 3, 476 votes, Michael Kandiu with 3,343 votes.

Whilst running in fourth place is Babani Ono Maraga with 1,445 votes followed by Mairi Gaigo Homosi at 1, 417 votes in fifth place.

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Police out on full force

This is the location where the votes for NCD Regional and Moresby North West seats are being counted.

Loop PNG observed police out on full force as every counting official and scrutineers bags and pockets were being checked before entering the counting premises.

With only two scrutineers allowed into the counting facility, other scrutineer spectators could be seen watching from outside the fence.

Also this morning, the NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, Ben Turi paid a visit to check up on the progress of the officers.

NCD regional, North-West counting resume

Moresby North-West seat has resumed counting at the Rita Flynn Indoor Complex with count 6.

Officials and scrutineers have already taken their seats. 10 boxes out of a total of 113 boxes from Moresby North-West were brought out last night from the containers, of which the first five were counted and their votes tallied.

Meanwhile, officials for the NCD regional seat have just signed in to take their seats to resume count 29.

Tallied progressive results will follow suit after today's count. 

Loop PNG's 5@5

NCD Regional counting resumes

Counting has resumed for the National Capital District Regional seat.


Moresby South counting officially begins

Counting for the Moresby South seat has officially begun.

NCD regional candidates petition officials

The petitions were for NCD Election Manager Alwyn Jimmy, NCD Police Commander Sylvester Kalaut and Police Commissioner Gari Baki.

NCD Regional seat heavyweights Jamie Maxtone Graham, Andy Bawa, Noel Anjo, Steven Kilage, Robert Agen and other notable candidates were signatories to the petitions.

The first petition addressed to NCD Election Manager Alwyn Jimmy demanded for;

  • CCTV cameras to be installed in counting venues
  • Counting to be done only during daytime

And for electronic counting to be implemented.

NCD candidates call for free, fair elections

Andy Bawa, Michael Kandiu and Robert Agen came together in a press conference this morning to stress on this.

“Those who are planning to rig the elections must stop. We don’t want a repeat of past elections. It’s up to the people to decide. The mandate will be given by the people,” said Kandiu.

“Elections are about exercising your democratic right to vote. There mustn’t be ballot papers taken off the streets, trying to hijack the process. That has to stop.

I will allow buai sale: Maxtone-Graham

Maxtone said the buai ban had affected many city residents who rely on the nut as a source of income.

He noted the rubbish caused by the nut and said he will reintroduce the city ranger concept to deal with spitters.

“There will be no buai ban, but we will clean up the city, provide proper facilities where they can chew buai, spit it in plastic bags and we will institute heavy fines for people who spit and throw rubbish,” he said.

NCD Regional candidate box numbers

Draws have been done and the table below shows your candidates and the ballot box numbers they have been allocated this election.

Box number


Box Number



Jibby Hogade Isapi

Lone female candidate to contest NCD Regional

She will be up against 37 male candidates, including sitting Governor Powes Parkop.

Veronica Marmei from Chimbu Province, is a journalist by profession. She has been in the field for 23 years since graduating from the University of PNG. Marmei says now is the time for a God fearing nation and took the stand in politics to make a difference.

With her motto being “to serve God first, others second and self last”.