Police out on full force

​The day started early for the security forces posted at the Rita Flynn counting venue today.

This is the location where the votes for NCD Regional and Moresby North West seats are being counted.

Loop PNG observed police out on full force as every counting official and scrutineers bags and pockets were being checked before entering the counting premises.

With only two scrutineers allowed into the counting facility, other scrutineer spectators could be seen watching from outside the fence.

Also this morning, the NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, Ben Turi paid a visit to check up on the progress of the officers.

On ground assisting the police are some officers of the PNG Defence Force and Correctional service.

Meantime, police have blocked off both road ends leading towards the gate of Rita Flynn only allowing police and electoral commission vehicles including those residing along the residential strip to access the road.

So far, there hasn't been any disturbances from the General population of Boroko with counting proceeding well.


(File picture)

Annette Kora