NCD regional candidates petition officials

NCD Regional candidates presented three petitions this afternoon to address various issues including the removal of NCD Metropolitan police commander Ben Turi.

The petitions were for NCD Election Manager Alwyn Jimmy, NCD Police Commander Sylvester Kalaut and Police Commissioner Gari Baki.

NCD Regional seat heavyweights Jamie Maxtone Graham, Andy Bawa, Noel Anjo, Steven Kilage, Robert Agen and other notable candidates were signatories to the petitions.

The first petition addressed to NCD Election Manager Alwyn Jimmy demanded for;

  • CCTV cameras to be installed in counting venues
  • Counting to be done only during daytime

And for electronic counting to be implemented.

The second petition to Divisional Commander Sylvester Kalaut called for;

  • Gerehu and NCDC Reserve Police not be present in counting rooms; and
  • ¬†Australian Federal Police to be involved in the counting.

While the third petition, directed to Commissioner Baki demanded for;

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Ben Turi to be sidelined and investigated.

The call to sideline Turi comes after 3 incidences yesterday at the Rita Flynn Sports Complex where candidates claim their scrutineers were assaulted and removed from the premises.

Bawa said removing Turi is in the best interest of the city residents, candidates and the country and challenged the police commissioner to take action.

Jamie Maxstone Graham and Steven Kilage shared similar sentiments calling on the authorities to allow a free, fair, safe and democratic election to prevail.

The candidates further allege that there were two additional ballot boxes transported into Rita Flynn courts.

The candidates have given the ultimatum for counting not to proceed until their petitions are answered.


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Caroline Ure