Andy Bawa

EC unprepared for trial

The case, which was set for trial today, was further adjourned to Wednesday to allow the Electoral Commission to file the necessary documents.

Lawyer representing the Electoral Commission told Court that they are having trouble obtaining the documents requested by the petitioners.

The documents are locked up in a container.

They consist of the 364 presiding officers’ journals, list of polling schedules, forms 66 A and B showing the 34th and 35th elimination and the list of presiding officers.

Bawa has personal grudge against me: Turi

Commander Ben Turi claims his predecessor has a personal grudge against him, hence his call for Turi to be sidelined.

This follows allegations made by Bawa and other candidates, including Steven Kilage, who alleged that Turi was aware of an assault on them and their supporters but did nothing about it.

However, Turi said these allegations are just hearsay – what he did is only be in command of law enforcers who, by all means, will carry out and continue enforcing the law.

NCD Candidates alleged foul play by police

Just as media were leaving the Electoral Commissioner’s media conference on Monday several candidates and their supporters walked in to present their petition.

The petition was read out by NCD Regional Candidate, Andy Bawa, who alleged that the incident in which police chased out scrutineers and electoral officers from the Rita Flynn Sports Complex  was a ploy to illegally move in three ballot boxes.

He further alleges that NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, Ben Turi is behind the alleged ploy in favor of certain candidates.

NCD candidates call for free, fair elections

Andy Bawa, Michael Kandiu and Robert Agen came together in a press conference this morning to stress on this.

“Those who are planning to rig the elections must stop. We don’t want a repeat of past elections. It’s up to the people to decide. The mandate will be given by the people,” said Kandiu.

“Elections are about exercising your democratic right to vote. There mustn’t be ballot papers taken off the streets, trying to hijack the process. That has to stop.

‘Hacked’ candidates saga: Police officers warned

This was the warning from NCD metropolitan superintendent, Ben Turi, following the alleged hacking of candidates’ Facebook message logs. Screenshots of the purportedly hacked chat logs were uploaded on Facebook on Sunday.

Private messages that allegedly belonged to NCD regional candidates Andy Bawa, Robert Agen and Noel Anjo Kolao, surfaced on social media, sparking heated discussions on their validity. Another regional candidate, Steven Kilage, was also named, including an assistant police commissioner.

Candidates in hacked FB messages: Report to police

The NCD regional candidates: Andy Bawa, Robert Agen and Noel Anjo Kolao, were allegedly planning to hijack the election process. Screenshots of their purportedly hacked chat log were recently uploaded on Facebook.   

NCD metropolitan superintendent, Ben Turi, is now calling on them to voluntarily report to the Boroko Police Station or Assistant Commissioner of Police and head of the Crimes Directorate, Victor Isouve.

“We have taken the threats seriously and we will be asking these three gentlemen to come to our office for an explanation,” Turi tells Loop PNG.

Lack of leadership eats at Police Force, says Bawa

These were the words from the former NCD Metropolitan Superintendent; Andy Bawa after his case was dismissed in court because of lack of evidence.

Bawa on his take of the police force in NCD says it boils down to leadership.

He says what we are seeing is basically all about leadership, there is a lack of leadership and provided that we have good leaders in the force.

“I am sure we can be able to fix a lot of those ongoing issues that are currently being faced in the community.

Bawa: Court decision is a huge relief for me

In a press conference after the hearing, Bawa said that from the start, he had maintained his stand that he had done the right thing in following the administrative process.

“I believe that I was charged for doing the right thing. For following due process and being accountable for the allegations that they made against me and that has been my stand since day one,” Bawa said.

Bawa says he had even approached his successor to try to explain to him over the allegations that what he had alleged was not true but despite many attempts, the allegations were put forward.”

Bawa: My case was a witch hunt

His case of misappropriation allegations was dismissed today by Deputy Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika after the state filed a notice they will not continue with his case to trial because they do not have enough evidence.

“It’s a huge relief for me simply because I’ve been put through 11 months of torture for something that from day 1 maintained that I have never done wrong,” he told Loop PNG after court this morning.

Andy Bawa's case dismissed

Bawa and his lawyers returned before Deputy Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika where an indictment on the charge of misappropriation was presented in court.

However, right after the indictment was presented, a statement of nolle prosequi was entered by the state indicating they will no longer pursue the case because they do not have enough evidence.

Sir Gibbs dismissed his case, ordering a refund of his bail monies of K1000.