Robert Agen

NCD candidates call for free, fair elections

Andy Bawa, Michael Kandiu and Robert Agen came together in a press conference this morning to stress on this.

“Those who are planning to rig the elections must stop. We don’t want a repeat of past elections. It’s up to the people to decide. The mandate will be given by the people,” said Kandiu.

“Elections are about exercising your democratic right to vote. There mustn’t be ballot papers taken off the streets, trying to hijack the process. That has to stop.

‘Hacked’ candidates saga: Police officers warned

This was the warning from NCD metropolitan superintendent, Ben Turi, following the alleged hacking of candidates’ Facebook message logs. Screenshots of the purportedly hacked chat logs were uploaded on Facebook on Sunday.

Private messages that allegedly belonged to NCD regional candidates Andy Bawa, Robert Agen and Noel Anjo Kolao, surfaced on social media, sparking heated discussions on their validity. Another regional candidate, Steven Kilage, was also named, including an assistant police commissioner.

Candidates in hacked FB messages: Report to police

The NCD regional candidates: Andy Bawa, Robert Agen and Noel Anjo Kolao, were allegedly planning to hijack the election process. Screenshots of their purportedly hacked chat log were recently uploaded on Facebook.   

NCD metropolitan superintendent, Ben Turi, is now calling on them to voluntarily report to the Boroko Police Station or Assistant Commissioner of Police and head of the Crimes Directorate, Victor Isouve.

“We have taken the threats seriously and we will be asking these three gentlemen to come to our office for an explanation,” Turi tells Loop PNG.