NCD candidates call for free, fair elections

Three candidates contesting the NCD regional seat have appealed for free and fair elections.

Andy Bawa, Michael Kandiu and Robert Agen came together in a press conference this morning to stress on this.

“Those who are planning to rig the elections must stop. We don’t want a repeat of past elections. It’s up to the people to decide. The mandate will be given by the people,” said Kandiu.

“Elections are about exercising your democratic right to vote. There mustn’t be ballot papers taken off the streets, trying to hijack the process. That has to stop.

Bawa said: “At the end of the day, everyone has already decided who they want to vote. Let’s allow that to take place. Whoever is mandated rightfully let that person be leader of this city.”

“This is a rare occurrence to have rival candidates coming together as a unit to work together for the sake of democracy.

“We mean democracy in the sense that the election process is free and fair. We’re appealing to all supporters to be responsible and accept the results from the elections,” said Agen.

Polling for NCD is on Tuesday, June 27.

Troy Taule