Morobe Provincial Health Authority

Morobe COVID-19 update

The Morobe Provincial Health Authority has reported that over the past two weeks, all samples that have been sent for testing have returned negative. This means those tested do not have coronavirus.

“Although coronavirus has been detected in Morobe Province, it is important to remember that most people who contract the illness will only experience mild symptoms and they will get better,” stated the MPHA.

“Take care of our friends and families who catch coronavirus; they need our support.”

(A mobile health clinic at the Wampar LLG, Morobe Province)

Screen NCD’s departing passengers: MPHA

The CEO of the Morobe Provincial Health Authority, Dr Kipas Binga, appeals for monitoring and surveillance systems to be implemented at the Jackson’s International Airport for passengers who are leaving the city.

Dr Binga said it is now evident that those infected in outside provinces were previously in the nation’s capital.

Pastem it was just assumptions that Moresby might be infecting us,” he stated. “Now it’s no longer an assumption. It has already been documented.

Province’s second imported case undergoing treatment

The 74 workshop participants are awaiting screening while the Morobe Provincial Health Authority Rapid Response Team has commenced contact tracing and testing.

The CEO of the Morobe Provincial Health Authority, Dr Kipas Binga, confirmed that the 37-year-old man is part of the Health Department’s COVID-19 response team who were collaborating with the World Health Organisation to run a training in Lae.

Morobe to roll out major immunisation drive

In an effort to mitigate that, the Morobe Provincial Health Authority is rolling out routine immunisation.

In a media briefing, the Morobe Provincial Health Authority CEO, Dr Kipas Binga, advised the province that a major immunisation drive will be carried out across all districts and schools.

The Provincial Health Authority is strongly encouraging the community to immunise children under 5 years old against diseases like TB, hepatitis, polio, pneumonia, measles, rubella and whooping cough.

Harmony boosts Bulolo district’s Covid-19 response

The items will be used to boost the district’s response to Covid-19 and general health, and were handed over to District Health Manager Logan Yakam, and representatives of local health centres by Geoffrey Fahey, Manager, Social Performance and Communities. Fred Lelesi, Acting Bulolo Police Station Commander was also present to witness the donation.