National Department of Health (NDoH)

Link between administration, PHA

The Provincial Health Authorities (Amendment) Bill 2023, which was introduced in Parliament on Wednesday by the Prime Minister and acting Health Minister, James Marape, bridges that gap.

Principal legal officer of the National Department of Health, Margret Asinimbu, pointed out the disconnect, which impedes on effective health service delivery.

Speaking during the swearing in of the nine board members of the Morobe Provincial Health Authority yesterday, Asinimbu highlighted the role of the ex officio member and provincial administrator, Max Bruten.

Health Department applauds WHO

During a recent small-scale event, Dr. Sibauk Bieb, Executive Manager of Public Health at NDOH, expressed heartfelt appreciation to the dedicated WHO team for their unwavering commitment despite numerous challenges.

He also conveyed his satisfaction with the campaign's impressive achievement of covering 70 percent of children under 5 years of age.

NDOH reveals increase in TB cases

Secretary for Health Dr. Osborne Liko said the number of TB cases increased from 30,000 notifications in 2021 to 37, 000 in 2022. This represents a 19% increase in the number of cases to major hospitals.

He said he has written to the Governor of the Bank of Papua New Guinea to facilitate fast clearance of foreign exchange for the purchase of TB drugs.

Dr. Liko said the expected time of arrival of the usual supply is August 10, 2023.

China Medical Team renew partnership

It signed a renewed Protocol for the extension of medical services to the people of Papua New Guinea.

The signing was initiated between the Chinese Ambassador to PNG Zeng Fanhua and Secretary for Health Dr. Osborne Liko. PMGH CEO Dr Paki Molumi witnessed the signing on Wednesday.

This year marks 20 years since the China Medical Team has been providing health care services to Papua New Guineans.

EpiC Vaccine project close workshop

The project is dedicated to addressing the HIV and COVID-19 pandemics, in promoting and administering the vaccination against COVID-19.

A workshop was held today at the Hilton Hotel in Port Moresby to conclude the closer of the (EpiC) project, Meeting Targets and Maintaining Epidemic Control, addressing the HIV and COVID-19 pandemics.

The 5-year project led by FHI 360 with core partners Right to Care, Palladium, PSI and Gobee Group. Through funding from the U.S President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief and the USAID, NDoH & partners were able to deliver the project.

Gov’t and partners launch supplementary immunization

The Supplementary Immunization Activity (SIA) on Measles-Rubella, Polio and Vitamin A will be conducted by the National Department of Health with support from UNICEF, WHO and Gavi. It will run for five weeks and will cover all 22 provinces including the Autonomous Region of Bougainville.  
This campaign is to stop the cycle of thousands of babies born but many of them die before reaching their fifth birthday, one of the causes is due to diseases that are preventable through immunization, which include measles, polio, whooping cough and tetanus. 

NDOH dedicates year to service

Staff attended the service which was held at the department headquarters at Aopi Centre. The Minister for Health, Dr Lino Tom, could not attend as he was ill.

The theme of this year’s dedication service was “Be Holy for I am Holy” from 1 Peter 1:16.

Guest Speaker, Pastor Jessy Peter from the Marimari Lutheran Church delivered the sermon. Pastor Peter said health is a ministerial department, and this event provided an opportunity for everyone to minister the love of God through honest work, for God’s Glory, and for service to the people.

Proper Awareness Needed For Childhood Cancer

One of the major issues raised was addressing Childhood Cancer in the country.

Worldwide about 400, 000 children aged from zero to 18 years of age are diagnosed each year with cancer. According to PMGH, it is estimated that one in 6500 children will have cancer.

In PNG, it is estimated that there are three million children within that age and the hospital sees 500 children per year.

PMGH Paediatrician, Dr. Gwenda Anga said as per hospital reports, PMGH is not seeing over 200 children per year as this is due to many reasons.

3.2 million children vaccinated

The biggest polio vaccination campaign to be implemented in PNG mobilised more than 9,000 health workers and volunteers.

“As of 31 October 2018, we have immunised 3,112,035 children under 15 years old against polio, and this had been made possible through the hard work and dedication of our polio workers on the ground,” said the Secretary of the National Department of Health (NDOH), Pascoe Kase.

“I commend the leadership of the provincial health agencies and emergency operations coordinators for effectively launching and managing a very challenging response operations.”

3yo down with polio

The case is the third in the country, following confirmation of two cases from Lae, Morobe Province in June and July 2018.

The confirmation was made on Friday 3 August by the Victorian Infectious Disease Reference Laboratory – a WHO Collaborating Centre in Australia.

The boy had an onset of symptoms on 30 June and onset of paralysis on 2 July. His vaccination history is unknown due to unavailability of the baby clinic book, and his travel history is being established.