Gordon market

Tkatchenko: SMEs need to be empowered

Minister for APEC, Justin Tkatchenko, said after the APEC Summit in Vietnam, lots will be learnt from the SME in Vietnam that will help SME businesses in the country.

"A similar concept by the Vietnamese SME can be done at Gordon market.

"We will empower men and women in this sector, if we give them opportunity to involve in SMEs."

Minister Tkatchenko added that Papua New Guineans need to be exposed in this area, and APEC will make a huge impact on such.

Vendors moved to Erima

Initially, the vendors were directed to move to the recreational Unagi oval on Monday by the NCD authority, this was after the Gordon market was shut down for renovation on Sunday.

However due to the unsuitability of the recreational area to cater for a temporary market, they are being moved again on Tuesday.

According to the Market planning and contract supervisor Rex Kuman, the Unagi Oval cannot act as a temporary market because of its location.

K30m for Gordon market upgrade

NCDC market planning and contract supervisor, Rex Kuman, says the Gordon market will be boasting a two-storey structure and an extension of the former market area.

The Gordon market was able to cater for at least a hundred vendors at one time. However, after the reconstruction, the facility should be able to hold at least 500 vendors.

When queried on security and how the market was deemed a no-go zone for Port Moresby resident, Kuman revealed that this was one of the major reasons behind its development plan.

Gordon market vendors move to Unagi

This follows directives from the National Capital District for work to commence on the reformation of the Gordon market.

Vendors were told yesterday that the market would not be in use for a maximum of a year until the reconstruction has been completed.

The Unagi Oval, although not in any condition to cater for a temporary market, will have to do so due to its availability.

Vendors were at the market as early as 7am this morning to get their space for their produce.

Some of these vendors, however, will be catered for at the recently-opened Boroko market.

Polye blames NCDC, Police for petty crimes

He claimed that Gordon market overtime has become unsafe for both market users and transiting passengers all because of the failure by both the city commission and the police to provide better security.

“I believe the city commission and the police failed to curb the law and order issue in and around the Gordon market.”

Polye added that too many lives have been lost in the vicinity of the Gordons market because of the failure by those in authority to provide the security.

Polye calls on NCDC to come up with market policy

He said proper designated markets within the city limits must be accessible to the city residents.

Polye in a statement said Port Moresby is developing to be a modern city with a mixture of expatriate population with different nationalities living together.

He said NCDC must have both local and expatriate population in mind when building public utilities in the city.

He added that the designated markets within the city must be safe and accessible to reach by both local and expatriate population.

Police describe Gordon market as 'haven for criminals'

This comes after a recent attack of young woman over the weekend at the Gordon bus stop who had only hoped off a bus when some petty crime youngsters cut her hand to steal her hand bag.

NCDC Superintendent for Operations Brian Kombe said Gordon market is now becoming a zone for criminals who are looking for an easy way out.

“Gordon is Gordon and everybody knows Gordon market and the happenings that go down here every day,” he said.

No more informal market, Turi announces

NCD Metropolitan Commander Ben Turi says from today onwards, all PMVs will also need to gather in front of the Gordon police station as well as the back of the market.

All informal vendors will not be entertained anymore.

From now on, all buses will also have to ensure that they clear out the bus stops properly so that people do not loiter and cause problems for commuters around the area, Turi stated.

The bus drivers will need to get back to the police for them to facilitate their needs.