Transport Department

Nationwide strike looming

The National Weather Service officers are giving the Transport Department until close of business on Thursday, April 5th, to address this issue.

In the petition presented by workers of National Weather Service to the Secretary of Transport Department, Roy Mumu, on Friday March 16th, they demanded their salary discrepancies be addressed by pay 7 on Wednesday March 28th.

Following the petition, the Weather Service workers served a 21-day notice for Transport Department to respond.

​Boosting PNG’s transport department

The new Minister for Transport and Infrastructure, Westly Nukundj, and Australian High Commission Minister Counsellor, Benedict David, today signed the deal.

The two-year partnership arrangement between Papua New Guinea and Australia to November 2019 will support the Department to deliver more effectively on its mandate to improve transport connectivity for all Papua New Guineans. 

Police describe Gordon market as 'haven for criminals'

This comes after a recent attack of young woman over the weekend at the Gordon bus stop who had only hoped off a bus when some petty crime youngsters cut her hand to steal her hand bag.

NCDC Superintendent for Operations Brian Kombe said Gordon market is now becoming a zone for criminals who are looking for an easy way out.

“Gordon is Gordon and everybody knows Gordon market and the happenings that go down here every day,” he said.