Improved road access for Buin

Members of a community in Buin, including school children, were present on Wednesday to celebrate the completion of the major project to seal the main town roads in Buin, laying the foundation for greater development in the South Bougainville region.

The K11.5 million project to upgrade Buin’s town roads was completed ahead of schedule and within budget.

The newly-sealed roads are engineered to take account of the heavy rainfall in the region and will provide a great boost to the local economy.

K30m for Gordon market upgrade

NCDC market planning and contract supervisor, Rex Kuman, says the Gordon market will be boasting a two-storey structure and an extension of the former market area.

The Gordon market was able to cater for at least a hundred vendors at one time. However, after the reconstruction, the facility should be able to hold at least 500 vendors.

When queried on security and how the market was deemed a no-go zone for Port Moresby resident, Kuman revealed that this was one of the major reasons behind its development plan.

Update now to the new Loop Pacific App

“Since the launch of Loop News back in July 2015 we’ve always strived for ways to enhance and enrich our readers experience online. Part of that process is to ensure we are always delivering fresh relevant content, make it easy for our readers to find what they are looking for and provide a unique platform for our many advertisers to speak directly to their customers.” says Thomas Taylor-Benson, Head of Trend Media-Pacific ahead of the launch of the upgrade of the Loop Pacific App.