Tkatchenko: SMEs need to be empowered

Gordon market will be transformed into a world class SME market.

Minister for APEC, Justin Tkatchenko, said after the APEC Summit in Vietnam, lots will be learnt from the SME in Vietnam that will help SME businesses in the country.

"A similar concept by the Vietnamese SME can be done at Gordon market.

"We will empower men and women in this sector, if we give them opportunity to involve in SMEs."

Minister Tkatchenko added that Papua New Guineans need to be exposed in this area, and APEC will make a huge impact on such.

He said being a Moresby South MP, he wanted to see people becoming self-sufficient and start up their own SMEs, rather than begging for money from him.

"This also applies to all people in the country."

Tkatchenko highlighted that another SME that is really beneficial to the people was the Fish market at Koki in Port Moresby.

He said the turn over from the market is estimated to be K70, 000 a day.

The Minister added that the APEC Summit in Vietnam will be used as a learning experience for PNG.


(File picture of old Gordon market)

Freddy Mou