Market Operating Toolkit

The three-day Southern Regional Community Development Consultation Workshop brought together key participants of the informal economy from the centers of Alotau, Kerema, Daru, Central and the National Capital District (NCD). It was facilitated by the Department of Community Development and Religion (DfCDR).

At the launch of the workshop, Department Secretary Jerry Ubase, said, “The Informal Economy Policy 2011-2015 is outdated and needs to be reviewed to address socio-economic needs for the marginalized people in the country in the informal sector.”

Domestic markets equally important

Aimed at improving access to markets and developing modern chains, the NCDC Markets Division hosted a Market Open Day at the Gerehu Food and Vegetable Market on Friday to showcase the crucial role of markets in PNG.

Capitalising on the increased flow of people and activities through Port Moresby in preparation for the APEC meetings in November 2018, NCDC Markets Division is keen to promote the city markets.

In urban areas, a significant part of the population depends on markets for their food supply, livelihood and access to information and services.

Funding assistance for women vendors

He said his five-year development plan includes capturing the rollout of Small to Medium Enterprises for mothers for the electorate. This will be launched this month.

Kaupa said some of the electorate’s DSIP funds will be parked with the National Development Bank and mothers engaged in the informal sector will receive K5,000 funding for their businesses.

Kaupa told the women to register their businesses with Investment Promotion Authority and open an account with a commercial bank to receive funding assistance.

Bizarre plants on sale

Two vendors in the nation’s capital aim to capitalise on this opportunity by selling plants.

But these are not just ordinary plants!

If you have driven along the Sir John Guise Stadium freeway over the last two days, you would have come across these two men, carrying and displaying very unusual looking plants.

Kaupa Katu from Simbu, and Wainko Tua, from Eastern Highlands Province, are the two individuals with their unique produce.

Spaces still available at Boroko market: Supervisor

This is according to Boroko market supervisor, John Bomai.

Bomai said after catering for everyone around the Boroko area, and especially the Gordon’s market vendors, more spaces remain available.

He said as far as he is concerned, since the opening of its gate to vendors, the market has been operating unexpectedly and exceptionally well for almost five weeks.

Bomai stated the main reason why some vendors from Gordon’s market refused to move to Boroko market was because they reside at the Gordon’s and Erima areas.

Pom's Six-Mile market cleared

The old market will now be closed as vendors are expected to move into the new Saraga market.

Loop PNG was at the old Six-Mile market to witness the big raintrees get sawn down and cleared out.

City rangers as well as police are present to make sure there are no disruptions.

More updates to follow.

VIDEO: Calls to cater for vendors

This was stated by the NCDC market planning and contracts supervisor Rex Kuman.


Imelda Wavik with more 

Gordon market vendors move to Unagi

This follows directives from the National Capital District for work to commence on the reformation of the Gordon market.

Vendors were told yesterday that the market would not be in use for a maximum of a year until the reconstruction has been completed.

The Unagi Oval, although not in any condition to cater for a temporary market, will have to do so due to its availability.

Vendors were at the market as early as 7am this morning to get their space for their produce.

Some of these vendors, however, will be catered for at the recently-opened Boroko market.

Street selling must immediately stop: Police

NCD Superintendent for Operations, Fred Tundu, said illegal markets like those beside the City Hall are taking advantage of the free space to sell their betelnut, cigarettes, drinks and cooked food.

He said as a lead up to the APEC meeting operations, police will not be allowing any more selling of items in public areas.

“The mount of rubbish is an eyesore; even under the Vision City overhead bridge,” Tundu says.

He adds that action will be taken starting this weekend and moving forward.

City rangers no longer operational: Parkop

Parkop’s response came to light after a group of people, wearing city ranger jackets, were reportedly chasing vendors around the city.

The group of people, believed to be from the same ethnic group, were stopped by some staff of a company at Gordon when they attempted to ransack a vendor’s stall.

“I am not aware of their continued deployment,” says Parkop.

“City rangers are no longer operational.

“I am only aware of Traffic Wardens and also a cleanup campaign organised by the Management of NCDC under Community and Social Service Department.”