Informal market sector

No more informal market, Turi announces

NCD Metropolitan Commander Ben Turi says from today onwards, all PMVs will also need to gather in front of the Gordon police station as well as the back of the market.

All informal vendors will not be entertained anymore.

From now on, all buses will also have to ensure that they clear out the bus stops properly so that people do not loiter and cause problems for commuters around the area, Turi stated.

The bus drivers will need to get back to the police for them to facilitate their needs.

Make opportunities for informal markets – analyst

As a result informal markets in places like Lae had got out of hand.

He says Lae suffers from lack of opportunity for proper markets, both formal and informal.

Barker says street sales have become overcrowded and as a result people use this as a cover to carry out petty crimes like pocket picking, bag snatching and others.