Police describe Gordon market as 'haven for criminals'

Gordon market in the Nation’s Capital has been described as dangerous suburb and a petty crime hub for rascals.

This comes after a recent attack of young woman over the weekend at the Gordon bus stop who had only hoped off a bus when some petty crime youngsters cut her hand to steal her hand bag.

NCDC Superintendent for Operations Brian Kombe said Gordon market is now becoming a zone for criminals who are looking for an easy way out.

“Gordon is Gordon and everybody knows Gordon market and the happenings that go down here every day,” he said.

Kombe is calling again on the Transport Department and NCDC to make themselves available to help the police in terms of relocating the bus stops.

“This things we can work together on to control the movement of people to and from within the Gordon market area,” he says.

Although this has been an ongoing issue, it must be stressed over and over again for the safety of the people in Port Moresby.”

“Stakeholders who stand for the cleanliness and safety of the city must come forward look into these illegal activities as well as help the police to try to eradicate this type of behavior and attitude from these criminals,” he added.

Annette Kora