Garry Juffa

It’s back to business for Oro Governor

Juffa, who was vocal in the Opposition camp, said he would now return to his province and carry on his duties as Governor of Oro.

“I am not interested in pursuing this matter further because I have limited time and resources. To those in Opposition who wish to go on with this, you may be right but it may be impractical and costly. It is a cost I simply cannot afford,” he said.

He said the vote of no-confidence showed that the Prime Minister has the confidence of the elected leaders in parliament.

Juffa demands good decisions from O’Neill

Juffa said although, he was on the other side of the house, all  that matters to him is to help the people.  

“I am in the Opposition that is a fact but I also support any positive efforts and any decisions by Government that are for the people and for this country,” he said.

“My anger and outrage and dissent and protestation will be directed at the policies and decisions that are not in the best interest of our people and PNG,” he said.

Juffa calls on Health Minister to explain Dr Niblett’s situation

Dr Niblett has served as Chief Radiation Oncologist for more than 20 years in the only Radiotherapy Unit in PNG based at Lae.

Juffa said that Niblett has made a huge contribution to cancer treatment in the country over many years and doesn’t deserve to be treated like this.

Niblett was in PNG from 1973 to 1987 and he returned in 2007.

The National Department of Health has now instructed Niblett that his contract will not be renewed and Immigration has told him that he must leave PNG by May 20.

Oro MPs want Popondetta water plant relocated

A frustrated Provincial Governor Gary Juffa called on the State-owned water supplier to find a solution.

“I am planning to go see the Water PNG Board.

“The dam is always washed away (during heavy rains).  

“The water problem had existed since 1960, access to clean drinking water is a constitutional right,” Juffa said.

The water issue was also raised during this month’s sitting of Parliament.

 Ijivitari MP David Arore said when it rains; the dam and pumps are damaged, and if there is plans to relocate the water treatment plant.

Juffa and Arore take over Parliament session

In today’s Parliament session, Juffa really screamed on top of his voice telling Arore to shut up after he (Arore) disrupts his questions to Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.

Juffa was asking about a commission of inquiry into the awarding of Djoko Tjandra’s citizenship that was spearheaded by the former Attorney General Kerenga Kua.

“Can the Prime Minister explain what has happened to that inquiry?” Juffa asked.

“Will it be tabled and is there a possible conflict of interest between the current Attorney General Ano Pala and Tjandra?”

Deep sea mining report calls for landowner consultation

An assessment report was launched today calling for greater indigenous and environmental safeguards.

With seabed mining in its preliminary legislative assessment phase in Fiji – the assessment report launched today will hopefully give a better legislative perspective for policy makers.

The report is an independent analysis of the SPC’s Regional Legislative and Regulatory Framework for Deep Sea Minerals Exploration and Exploitation.

The SPC EU funded framework is a model legislation for regional countries to adopt if they wish.

Oro donates to YWAM Medical Ship

Ship on behalf of the Oro Provincial Government, fulfilling a pledge toward 2015 annual operational expenses for YWAM’s Training and Medical Ship, the MV YWAM PNG.

Governor Juffa said that the provincial administration was a proud supporter of YWAM’s work in Nothern Province.

“YWAM first started working in Oro three years ago with their land-based primary healthcare  teams who built relationships with local healthcare workers and village leaders in preparation for the arrival of the first YWAM Training and Medical Ship in the province."

Juffa: What is the reason for pay delays?

“This is alarming, this is a disaster,” he told LOOP News.

Juffa, a public servant for 16 years says this is the first time salaries have been delayed for a whole week.

He says in the past the longest salary delay was two days.

“What is the reason for the delay?” he asked.

“The government must explain the delay and assure the country of its finances.”

NBC staff last week did not receive their salaries but were given K200 each to help them through the weekend.

Juffa flays Arore’s hot air

Governor Juffa stated that the efforts targeted all illegal businesses and illegal business activities and those illegally stealing land and resources.

He specifically highlighted the sale of expired imported goods and goods labelled in a foreign language and the employment of expat workers in positions reserved for Papua New Guineans.

Governor Juffa stated that the Oro Provincial Government would be financially supporting Oro-owned retailers to operate retail outlets and encourage SMEs with microfinance projects.

Governor clarifies stance against illegal businesses

He also pointed out that there was a need to protect PNG business opportunities and prevent the loss of jobs and businesses experienced in Oro and throughout PNG.

The Governor made the clarification after some elements of society accused him of targeting Asian owned businesses.

"These efforts are against all illegal foreign owned businesses. It is what happens overseas when governments actually enforce the law and take measures to protect the integrity of commerce and trade and protect their peoples interests.