Garry Juffa

Juffa calls on Government to reconsider nomination fees

He said the increased nomination fees will no way improve the quality of leaders in Parliament.

Juffa told Loop PNG that instead a vetting process should be put in place to screen applicants and ensure that credible leaders with a high sense of patriotic fervor and morals and ethics be encouraged to run.

He said anyone who had a criminal past with a conviction should immediately be disqualified as should those involved in scams and inquiries who had not had their names cleared by the justice system.

State of Popondetta town irks Juffa

He has expressed disgust at growing piles of rubbish in the township.

"The Capital and the airport are the face of Oro. This is the first impression visitors have.

“However, right now both are not impressive.

“The airport is filthy and grass grows high within the airport.

“This responsibility lies with National Airports Corporation who are failing by not meeting their responsibilities.

Stop work in Oro’s project lifted

This happened after the contractor, PDC met with Governor Garry Juffa to resolve issues surrounding the concerns about quality and scope of work.

Juffa in a statement said the company has willingly insisted to ensure that all requirements are met and that they will certainly take on board the concerns of the Provincial Government to ensure a quality project is delivered.

“It has been resolved also that the Works Building Inspector shall lead the inspection team periodically and continue to monitor progress and report accordingly.”

Juffa warns expatriates not to swear at locals

The Governor has warned that such people were not welcome in his province and he would see to it that such people were removed from his province.

He has also warned companies to screen their staff before employing them.

Juffa stated that several companies were developing the habit of employing neocolonial racists who behaved as if they were in apartheid South Africa.

He said the Oro Provincial Government was going to pass laws to fine companies whose expatriate staff behaved in a racist manner towards his people.

Juffa: Continuous declining of Kina - a missed opportunity

The ‘Walk the Talk’ Governor for Oro Garry Juffa in response to Loop PNG questions regarding the depreciation of the kina made those remarks.

However, he said since this sector was poorly developed, real benefits would not be realised by Papua New Guineans.

He added that the major agriculture exporters were foreign owned and thus they would be the true beneficiaries while PNG would only benefit from the sale of the raw products.

Juffa calls on Government to overhaul Public Service machinery

He urged the Government to table the Report produced by his committee at the next sitting of Parliament and seriously consider the recommendations made by the Committee.

Juffa stated that the continued delay towards the long overdue overhaul of public service would only delay any true development of the nation.

He expressed grave frustration at the continued delay in tabling the Committees report and urged the Government to address the issue of restructuring and modernizing an ineffective and inefficient public service machine.

Juffa blames Politicians for defunct Public Services

Juffa in an email to Loop PNG said the public service has been defunct, outdated and neglected for a long time by authorities.

“Public service is a system that no longer protects or promotes PNG interests.

“Instead, it is now hijacked by transnational criminals and selfish individuals to carve out and sell PNG as quickly as possible,” says Juffa.

He added that hardworking and intelligent public servants are discouraged by a system that does not adequately remunerate them while nepotism allows selfish dangerous individuals to climb up and secure key positions.

Juffa raises concern on 2017 Elections

Juffa stated that already individuals and parties were busy doing early campaigning with no action taken by the Electoral Commission and Police and that was due to  lack of funds.

He said recent indications of lack of funding for the Electoral Commission was dire and threatened true democracy and was a huge risk for vote rigging.

Juffa has indicated that he will ask the Opposition to demand that the UN and other international observers be present to monitor and supervise the 2017 elections.

Oro treasury office ransacked

A frustrated Governor Gary Juffa stated that the continued effort to address corruption in Oro has uncovered what appears to be a syndicate of individuals including administration, treasury and bank staff collaborating with criminals and other private citizens to defraud the province and the people of their funds and is revealing interesting names.

Juffa calls for cancellation of SABL

Juffa echoed these sentiments after applauding the landowners of East New Britain and East Sepik who have secured a victory in overturning an illegal SABL in their provinces.

Juffa, who had supported a similar case in his province to overturn an SABL said justice has truly been served.

He said that prolonged delays suggested that the Government was compromised or scared of the companies involved in the illegal logging of forests granted under the SABL scams.