Sea bed Mining

Caritas PNG Forum call for ban on Sea bed mining


The group are part of the Catholic network for social and ecological justice, and integral human development in the rural communities

The potential impacts of the proposed first ever “Experimental Seabed Mining” in PNG waters was among the agendas.

 It was brought to light that the negative impacts greatly outweigh the anticipated benefits.

Deep sea mining report calls for landowner consultation

An assessment report was launched today calling for greater indigenous and environmental safeguards.

With seabed mining in its preliminary legislative assessment phase in Fiji – the assessment report launched today will hopefully give a better legislative perspective for policy makers.

The report is an independent analysis of the SPC’s Regional Legislative and Regulatory Framework for Deep Sea Minerals Exploration and Exploitation.

The SPC EU funded framework is a model legislation for regional countries to adopt if they wish.

Scientists call for regional coordination of seabed mining

Papua New Guinea is closest to having deep water mining begin in the Bismarck Sea, while the Cook Islands last week opened up bidding for exploratory licences.

But a principal scientist at New Zealand's National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, Malcolm Clark, says scientists working with the Secretariat of the Pacific Community are pushing for more collaboration among Pacific Island countries.