It’s back to business for Oro Governor

​It is business as usual after the Opposition’s vote of no-confidence against Prime Minister Peter O’Neill’s Government failed, says Oro Governor Garry Juffa.

Juffa, who was vocal in the Opposition camp, said he would now return to his province and carry on his duties as Governor of Oro.

“I am not interested in pursuing this matter further because I have limited time and resources. To those in Opposition who wish to go on with this, you may be right but it may be impractical and costly. It is a cost I simply cannot afford,” he said.

He said the vote of no-confidence showed that the Prime Minister has the confidence of the elected leaders in parliament.

“For whatever reason, they choose to remain steadfast in their support. The Opposition needs to re-examine their strategies and carry on with the business of keeping the Government in check, however it must do so intelligently and strategically and responsibly.”


Freddy Mou